Get a Greener Office for 2020

Get a Greener Office for 2020

Lessening your company’s environmental impact could be one of your driving sales factors in 2020. Many consumers are now looking for companies which are making the effort to reduce their waste and emissions through smart business decisions. If your competitors are taking steps to recycle and put more energy into reducing their carbon footprint, then it’s time you stepped up your game. Below are some tips to neutralize your business’ waste and environmental impact.


We all know it, but it can be difficult to do. Do you have a staff canteen? If so, are you using food waste bins? Is there a collection in your area? Single-use plastics are one of the world’s biggest problems and studies have show that microplastics are entering our water supplies and oceans. You could set each department in your company the challenge of becoming the most environmentally friendly in a month and award some holiday to the champions.

Make sure you have the space and capacity before you attempt something like this though. Using a BearSaver Hid-A-Bag Single Recycling Enclosure will ensure that your paper recycling has somewhere to go and doesn’t end up littering your office and causing a fire hazard.

Turn it Down

Reducing the heating by just a few degrees can make a massive impact on your usage. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help the environment. Obviously if your office reach Arctic conditions, don’t let your employees freeze, but turning the heating down by just a notch or two can and will make a difference.

Turn off Computers 

It’s all too easy to forget to switch off at night – some members of staff even do it deliberately to save time the following day. But what will save just a few moments first thing will not only damage the PCs, but also the environment. You can search for energy use calculators to see which electrical gadgets you have in use are the biggest culprits when it comes to energy use, and ensure that they are used sparingly and definitely switched off at night.    

Remote Working

This is not always an option but, particularly if you work in an out-of-town office which the majority of your employees have to drive to, it’s worth considering introducing remote working, or working from home as an option. This will reduce car usage, highlighted as being one of the key contributing factors to climate change and global warming. If remote working isn’t a possibility, don’t penalize employees for car sharing. If two or three employees can car share but it will give them an additional half an hour for their commute, offer a later start time as an incentive for their commitment.

There are many ways you can make your office greener – some could have a small upfront cost but may actually ultimately save you money. Whatever your situation, it’s worth doing some research and finding ways you can reduce your office’s carbon emissions and increase your appeal, both to customers and to the planet.


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