FTMO Review – The Best Prop Trading Firm?

FTMO Review Best Prop Trading Firm

FTMO is one of the top proprietary trading firms around. Proprietary trading firms, also called prop trading firms, allow users to trade on the companies own capital and then share in the profits.

In order to trade on FTMO, you must go through 2 verification stages. The process takes between 30 and 90 days. The first stage is to pass the FTMO challenge, and the second is the verification stage. Once both are complete, you can start trading regularly. If you are successful, you can increase your account up to $400,000.

FOREX is the main commodity traded on FTMO, but they also have options to trade indices, crypto, commodities, and custom options.

For more on how they started, you can see this FTMO review.

FTMO Challenge

This is the first step in proving your trading talent and gaining access to an FTMO account.

The FTMO challenge gives users 30 days to complete a set of trading objectives.

For an initial balance of $10,000, the trading objectives for the FTMO challenge include:

  • 10 minimum trading days during the 30 day period
  • $500 Maximum Daily Loss (5%)
  • $1000 maximum loss (10%)
  • $1000 profit target (10%)

The profit target is a profit goal that a user must reach within the challenge timeframe. To achieve the profit target, the sum of all the closed positions must reach that level at any point. That means a $10,000 account must reach $11,000 at any point to complete the FTMO challenge.

If a user successfully completes the objectives within the time-frame, they move onto phase 2, the verification stage.

Verification is a 60 day period with all the same objectives except a $500 profit target.

The verification process for FTMO is similar to other platforms; a TopStep Funded Account,for example, has a 2-step verification.

FTMO Trader

If you pass both the FTMO challenge and the FTMO verification, then you unlock the FTMO trader account.

Once you reach the trader account level, there is no time period or minimum number of trading days. Even with the trader account, however, the maximum daily loss and maximum loss rules still apply.

Creating an account is easy, and this FTMO review shows you how.

FTMO Commissions & Fees

FTMO offers a large number of different spread options, which depend on the chosen strategy and the deposit amount.

The fees for the FTMO challenge range from EUR 155 to EUR 1080, depending on the size of the deposit. The deposit is refunded after successful completion of the challenge, and there are no additional fees after this.

There is also the option for a free trial, which is a shorter version of the FTMO challenge and allows you to test it out without putting any money down.


Professional traders will especially find the features of this prop firm useful.

FTMO offers the common trading platforms of MT4, MT5, and cTrader, and their Account MetriX allows you to easily track your progress.

The equity simulator is a really useful tool to help you become a profitable trader. This advanced program allows you to simulate possible outcomes, thus helping you adjust your trading strategy before implementing it.

The mentor application is another unique feature. This app helps you stay disciplined. You set the rules you want to follow in your trading strategy, and then the mentor app monitors your progress and keeps you on track.

Some of the other features of FTMO include the statistical app, account analysis, and trading journal.

Profit Splits

FTMO starts traders out at an 80% payout rate. This ratio is called the profit split. Whatever profit you make on the account, you can cash out 80% of it. But the profit split doesn’t stop there, as your account scales, so does the payout rate. At the maximum level on the scaling plan, you can reach a profit share of 90%.

Profit splits are paid out monthly, and you can adjust which day you want the payout to occur. These profit splits are comparable to other platforms, such as TopStep, which doesn’t let you reach 90% until you’ve made $5000 in profits.

Pros and Cons

FTMO is a great platform for serious traders, but it’s not for everyone.


  • High starting profit split at 80%
  • Up to 90% profit splits
  • No fees after the refunded initial deposit
  • Wide range of trading instruments
  • Very helpful customer support team


  • Not for beginning traders
  • Can take up to 90 days to receive a trading account


FTMO has paid out over 70 million in profits to traders, and with its great trading conditions and wide range of features, you can see why it’s so popular. If you’re an experienced trader and want to try your hand at making a profit without a huge initial investment, FTMO might be a great option for you.

You have nothing to lose with a free trial, so check out FTMO here.

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