How to Find the Right Video Production Company

How to Find the Right Video Production Company

Did you know using the right videos in your marketing strategy can attract you more clients? Be it a product or a service, having a video for promotional or awareness purposes can have a significant impact on your sales. The key step to your video marketing campaign is to hire the right video production company? Now, what do you look at before you pick a video production company? Let’s look at some of the factors you will need to keep an eye on.   

Consider the target audience 

Creating video content, whether promotional or general-purpose, will ultimately require that it resonates with the target audience. For example, videos for promotional purposes are seconds to minutes long with the ability to sell the product or service fast. Therefore, you will want to hire a company that can deliver that message to the audience. 

The Video Production Company Crew

Though hiring a company with contracted employees isn’t entirely a bad thing, it can compromise on video quality. Production houses will use this business model to lower their costs of video production with a contracted crew that might keep changing. Be sure that the company can guarantee that they have the right team for the job before you can hire them. 

Compare Services Around

Don’t just pick a video company that comes in first. Get a quote from some of the top video production companies around. They will have different abilities, pricing and reviews, and specialization, etc. Don’t be tempted to jump for the lowest bidder though. You need to compare the quality and aspects of the team before picking any of them. Some may be fresh from school with new equipment but may lack the experience to meet your expectations. 

So, pick the production studio that fits in well with your project based on the factors like what they do, their pricing, experience, equipment, professionalism, etc. 

Video Specialization

Again specialization is key when picking a video production company for your projects. You need a team of pros that can deliver from your brief. You are better off hiring a team with a track record delivering top draw video content and specifically what you want delivering. 

For instance, if you are looking for a corporate advertising video, then you should look at bids from top studios in that space. A good example would be a studio-like Morrisey Video Productions in Portland Oregon that specializes in video marketing solutions. This company will be a great fit if you are looking for services destination marketing, corporate advertising, wedding videography, event marketing, etc.

Consider Recent Work rather than Demos

Who doesn’t like a show-off of their production capabilities? Production companies will produce demos that portray their potential but some might be quite exaggerated. In the end, you will get videos that don’t even meet the demo quality standards. Now, ask for recent work produced by the company to base your expectations on them and be a return client if the work meets your needs. 

Make the Most of Your Budget

Unfortunately, most people and companies aren’t aware that paying for a shoot guarantees them multiple video shots for the time. Well, you ought to plan extensively and include all the materials you need for multiple videos. That way, you will have fully utilized your budget set for the shoot and reduced cost for each video production. In the long term consideration, you will have made multiple videos to cover your promotional purposes for the destined objectives. 

You should also pick a video production company that you will work with for long. It will also save on your costs as you are bound to get discounts using the same crew over time. You will also get quality videos keeping in mind that the company will get accustomed to the kind of videos you are looking for in a long term partnership. 

Make Sure You Are Involved in the Process

Getting the best videos done will require a bit of your time on it as well. You will contract a video production team, but make sure you are an active participant too. That way, you will have input your ideas on what you expect in the production process. Your input on the production team will reduce the project workflow and get your project delivered on time.


These are some of the factors you should consider if you are to find and hire the best video production team for excellent video content for your business. The ultimate objective is to deliver quality videos for your project with minimum cost possible!

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