Filing a Claim: 5 Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


Filing a Claim: 5 Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Most personal injury claims are due to car accidents. But, another common type of personal injury happens because of slip and fall accidents. There are over half a million slip and fall injuries in the workplace alone every year.

Slip and fall accidents can cause significant bodily harm. This can put you out of work and out of commission for days, weeks, or even months. With high medical costs and loss of work, slip and fall victims can quickly find themselves in deep water.

Have you suffered an injury from a slip-and-fall accident? We reviewed the website of a top slip and fall lawyer in Orlando for some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents to get you started.

Wet Surfaces

One of the biggest culprits behind a slip and fall accident is a wet surface. Floors may have moisture for several reasons, such as recent cleaning, spills, or building leaks. Whoever owns the property is responsible for properly warning people of these instances.

In most cases, you will see a wet floor sign to indicate that an area may be wet and, therefore, slippery. If a property owner fails to warn someone adequately of a wet floor, they may be legally liable for any slip and fall injuries.

Improper Training

Some of the most common slip-and-fall accidents in the construction industry happen due to nothing more than poor, improper training. Every employee should complete proper training for construction sites and other workplaces to avoid slips and falls.

Without this training, workers are more likely to run into sticky situations that can cause bodily harm. If there was no training in this area, an employer could be liable for any injuries that happened because of the fall.


Certain weather situations can lead to dangerous conditions and slip-and-fall accidents. Of course, no one can control the weather. However, property owners and public works departments are legally responsible for keeping their denoted areas as safe as possible.

For instance, the owner of a public building, office, or place of business is responsible for ensuring all sidewalks and parking lots get shoveled and de-iced during the winter.

The presence of snow and ice makes walking on sidewalks, stairs, and ramps very dangerous.

Nursing Home Neglect

About 66 percent of injury cases involving people over 65 were due to slips and falls. Plenty of these accidents occur in public places or even in the home. However, many of them come from nursing homes as a result of neglect.

Most neglectful instances happened because an elderly individual was left alone when they should have had help. Because older folks have poorer balance than younger people, they are at a higher risk for falls.

Any senior who lives in a nursing home or has been admitted to a medical facility should have proper nurses and administrators caring for them. This is crucial to avoid neglectful behaviors and injuries.

Damaged or Missing Handrails

Businesses and public properties should always have handrails. These are to support people walking up and down ramps, using staircases, and in the restroom. Handrails are vital safety features that can easily prevent a fall, especially in slippery areas.

Damaged handrails can pose the same safety risk.

If you fall because there were no handrails in an area, you should seek legal counsel. They can help you see what options you have.

Final Thoughts

Slip and fall accidents may not sound as serious as other types of accidents like car crashes. But, they’re incredibly common and can cause significant bodily harm injuries. A slip and fall may lead to sprains, broken bones, head and neck injuries, and more.

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall, you must contact legal representation to determine your options. Use this guide to determine whether your fall was due to the lack of responsibility of another party.

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