Personal Injury Lawyer In Toronto: How To Prove Your Slip And Fall Case

Personal Injury Lawyer In Toronto: How To Prove Your Slip And Fall Case

Being injured in a slip and fall accident can be a frustrating experience. Aside from dealing with the physical recovery of your injuries, you also have to consider the emotional and financial consequences. For example, you may need to stop working for a while to speed up your recovery process. Unfortunately, in doing so, you lose your income and ability to earn money for your family, leaving you in financial trouble.

Thankfully, there are ways that can help you navigate the financial aspect of your slip and fall injury. One of these methods is to file a slip and fall case to recover compensation for your injuries. However, handling a personal injury claim can be complicated. This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer in Toronto comes in. They can help you in several ways, including proving your claim and improving your chances of getting a desirable outcome.

Read on to learn how a personal injury lawyer in Toronto can help prove your slip and fall case.

  1. They Can Help Establish The Essential Elements Of Negligence

Unless you’re a legal professional by yourself, you need the services of an experienced lawyer. They can help you demonstrate the elements of negligence in your case. Generally, a slip and fall case is one of the types of premise liability cases that arise from the concept of negligence. It refers to a failure to exercise a standard duty of care expected under certain circumstances. That said, your lawyer has to show that the alleged at-fault party acted negligently in order to prove your slip and fall case. This is crucial to get the compensation you deserve.

Generally, your personal injury lawyer should establish the following elements of negligence:

  • Duty Of Care: Your legal representative should demonstrate that the person or entity in your claim had a duty of care to you and other people on the premises. For example, if you go to the grocery store, the owner is responsible for cleaning the premises by ensuring it’s free from any obstacles.
  • Breach: Your lawyer should also show that the alleged at-fault party breached their duty of care. For example, a grocery store violated its duty of care by failing to clean up some liquid spills on the floor. Thus, causing a slip and fall accident.
  • Causation: In order to boost the odds of winning your case, your lawyer should be able to prove that the breach of duty of care was the proximate cause of the slip and fall accident that resulted in injuries.
  • Damages: Your lawyer should also show that the injuries resulted in some economic and non-economic damages. These include hospital expenses, lost earning capacity, lost wages, pain and suffering, and others.
  1. They Can Help Collect Valuable Pieces Of Evidence

Establishing the essential elements of negligence would be rendered useless if you can’t support it with the preponderance of evidence. It’s the amount of convincing and credible evidence showing that the facts to be more probable. Without this level of proof, you may have a hard time proving your slip and fall case. Thus, may not obtain a successful outcome.

Fortunately, seeking legal assistance from a trustworthy lawyer in Toronto may prove to be helpful. They can assist in the crucial gathering of valuable pieces of evidence. They have professional connections that they can use to help you with the evidence-collection process. For example, they may know some people who can assist you in getting the medical records you need. Or, perhaps contact a medical expert who can testify to prove your injury is from a slip and fall case.

With all these things being said, you should have a legal professional by your side to help you with your legal action.

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  1. They Can Help Ensure Your Claim Is Filed Within The Statute Of Limitations

You can’t also prove your slip and fall case if you file the claim beyond the statute of limitations in Toronto. Essentially, a statute of limitations refers to the time limits within which you should file your case. Otherwise, you waive your right to initiate the action.

In Toronto, you need to file a slip and fall case within two years from the date of the accident. Thus, to do it successfully, you should work with a legal professional who’s well-versed with the different statutes of limitations for injury cases in your area. Consequently, you’ll not lose your opportunity to assert your claim and prove your slip and fall case.


Legal help can be crucial in filing a slip and fall case. Without a reliable lawyer in your corner, you may find it challenging to prove your claim. Thus, you may not receive the right amount of compensation. But if you’re wondering how they can help you with your case, keep the information above in mind. This enables you to understand the steps you and your lawyer need to take to secure a favorable judgment.

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