How To Find A Reliable Travel Nursing Agency

How To Find A Reliable Travel Nursing Agency

Travel nursing agencies provide RNs short-term employment opportunities in a broader variance of healthcare settings and specialties, both internationally and locally. If you are a nurse searching for travel assignments, challenges, exploration, or further practicing of your healthcare skillset in various environments from different areas, then this article about how to find a reliable travel nursing agency is for you.

The appeal of travel nursing cannot be denied. It's challenging for most registered nurses searching for travel nursing opportunities by themselves. There are plenty of assignment details that you'll have to consider, including benefits, payments, and overtime. Before you commit to a 13-week assignment, here's everything you need to know.

Elements Of A Good Travel Nursing Agency

A travel nursing entity is a staffing agency that allocates registered nurses and other healthcare professionals in clinics and hospitals with short-term work requirements. They can assign individuals internationally and nationally in various areas where there's a shortage of nurses.

Before you begin your journey as a travel nurse, you'll have to discuss your prior clinical expertise, placement desires, and current credentials with the recruitment agency's staff. It's best to consult with top paying travel nurse agencies with a proven track record and reputation for excellent benefits. Besides using longstanding site agencies, you'll have to check user insights, national ranking, or features to help you identify the right travel nursing agency.

  • Housing Options And Favorable Payment

Compensation must be transparent and must be discussed prior to getting your assignments. Discuss your net pay or rates when checking the full packages.  The salary for travel nurses can vary so it is important to have clear discussions about this.

Housing options vary with every nursing agency, as several recruiters offer different housing options. You may also resort to a housing stipend to help you find the accommodation of your choice or staying with families, relatives, or friends, including your pocket money.

Regardless of the case, these elements are essential and must be discussed. Ensure you'll get complete details of your housing options, whether it's fully furnished, utilities, and more.

  • Stable Company And Expertise

Whether you've been a consistent travel nurse or a newcomer, you'll need to ensure you're dealing with a reputable recruiter. That means they have a proven track record and experience in this industry.

You check with fellow travel nurses and evaluate your options. Blogs for travel nurses are an excellent source of the essential information you'll need, like national ranking and reputation.

  • Specific And Transparent Policy Details

Whether newcomers or already experienced travel nurses, there are specific policies that you'll need to check with your agency. Guidelines must be clear when there are canceled or missed shifts, overtime, or assurance that you'll not be penalized if the clinic or hospital cancels the shift.

  • Benefits Offered

Select a recruiter that meets your benefit preferences. While benefits vary by agencies, you must find one that perfectly fits your needs. Some of the benefits you'll want to check to include health insurance, rental cars, paid vacation off, and more. Keep in mind that these benefits can also affect your compensation rate.

  • Quality and Number of Work Opportunities

Check the available opportunities the agency offers. If you are not satisfied with the available destination or assignments, check for alternative options.

  • A Trustworthy Recruiter

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in your travel nursing experience and career. Pay close attention even to small details and ensure that you can trust them for successful, fun, and life-changing assignments.

Check whether your chosen agency is pushy, their reputation, experience, and above all, the gut feeling.

  • Makes Your Life Conveniently Easy

Find a reputable and reliable recruiter that will simplify your life. Several recruitment agencies will take care of everything on your end, and you'll only need to input your details and resume on the job applications.

Travel Nursing Agency: Purpose And Benefits

Travel nursing recruiters must be your all-in-one partner when searching for nursing opportunities from various locations. Choosing the right one is easier once you keep in mind the factors aforementioned above. Your agency must provide all the assistance you need throughout your work assignments.

Some issues include: 

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Customer service-related problems

Technically, your travel nursing agency advocates for your welfare and ensures you'll find the perfect job that matches your preference.

Benefits of travel nursing agencies: 

  • Housing assistance
  • Stipends and housing units
  • Payment negotiation and overtime pay
  • 401(k) option
  • Receives direct deposit
  • Referral bonus


Finding the perfect travel nursing agency to meet your unique preference and needs is essential. Besides that, to start your career as a travel nurse, you must get a proper license to begin working.

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