Fact or Fiction: Do You Still Believe These 8 Myths About Guest Posting?

Myths About Guest Posting

Guest posting has proven to be a reliable marketing strategy over time. The results often speak for themselves. However, that still does not deter some people from proclaiming various things about the tactic. For example, saying it no longer works or you can post sub-par content and it won’t make any difference. Using the best guest posting service around would be one way of addressing any questions about quality content. But it is worth taking a look at some of the common myths about guest posting and putting the record straight.

You don’t have to deliver high-quality content

Probably one of the biggest myths is the misconception that you can churn out any content to achieve the same results. You will quickly discover that most decent guest sites will not accept sub-standard content. You won’t even be able to give it away for free. Quality guest posts are what sites will publish and help you to build links successfully.

Working against what Google wants

You may also hear it said that Google is in favor of guest posting. The truth is that it is a strategy that has not lost its value. It continues to play a pivotal role in supporting your SEO tactics. And, does not upset the search engine behemoth.

SEO and guest posting are detached from each other

Another common myth is the observation that SEO has little in common with guest blogging. The reason that this misconception exists is probably down to the fact that unless you optimize your post properly you may not see as much benefit from it as you would like.

Use a reliable guest posting service with the right outreach credentials. Then, you will soon see they are very much an item together.

You will struggle if your writing skills are not professional standard

True, you need to deliver quality content. So, learn how to write posts that are clear, concise, and properly edit them. Thus, any concerns about your writing skills will disappear.

It takes a long time to get your posts accepted

You can’t expect it to be easy to get your post on a good site. But, the myth that you need to spend months developing a relationship before they post you is simply not true. If you write content that meets the criteria it will be accepted in no time at all.

I don’t have enough readers to become a guest writer

It is also a popular myth to suggest that you need to have a well-established blog for other sites to consider your blogs. The fact is that the majority of editors pay more attention to the quality of your writing over the size of your audience.

It’s more work than it’s worth

You can’t expect great rewards without putting in the legwork. That applies to guest posting services too. However, when you do the groundwork the rewards can easily outweigh the time and effort you invest.

It is not a strategy that is scalable

Last but not least, you may be told that guest posting is not a strategy that is scalable. Now, no one should pretend it is easy. But, you can build a network and a following and it certainly can grow as you develop.

Separating fact from fiction in regard to these myths about guest posting services should help you to focus on getting the results you want from this effective marketing strategy.

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