Facebook's Changes: What to do About for your Page


Facebook keeps changing it up, so you've got to keep up.  

What was best 3 months ago is not now.  Does that mean you should lessen your Facebook marketing? Nope.  It's still the largest, most dominant, most used social network in the world where your customers are spending the most time.  Facebook "time on site" continues to grow.
The key is changing strategy and evaluating as Facebook makes changes so that you stay tuned up.

Facebook can help you grow leads.
Leads are fans with a name & most
importantly an email address that you gain!


Here's three resources compiled from our TabSite blog:

1. What you need to know about the recent Facebook Changes - Including tips from Mari Smith on what to do >>

Why text posts may lessen in use and link posts will continue to grow in reach and use.

2. Jon Loomer's GREAT 2014 Facebook Page Image Dimension Guide INFOGRAPHIC helps you quickly know the best size for Facebook images.

Images continue to be important on Facebook.  This talks about Photo posts, link post images (from your blog) and images for Ads, the Cover image, and more.

3. How Social is your website? (Facebook integration on your website) It can be as important as what you do on Facebook!  3 Best Practices for your site >> Social sharing needs to be integrated into your website, bringing the ease of sharing and it many cases the "Facebook experience" of commenting right to the user right on your website.

On another note...

And just for fun on the subject of another social network, how's your LinkedIn profile?

Need some tips?  Did you catch my podcast?

mike Gingerich and Neal Schaffer Halftime Mike Podcast

Listen to LinkedIn expert and author Neal Schaffer who I recently hosted on my podcast!

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