Facebook Save Feature: How to use for Content Curation


Are you using social media to market your business?

If you so you are likely consuming a huge amount of content to keep up and stay ahead of the game.

Let’s face it though, scrolling through your newsfeed can be a full time job. There are hundred’s of great articles that you could be reading, but it’s likely you don’t have the time to read them all there and then.

Facebook has just made our lives easier by introducing the Facebook Save feature!

This new feature lets you save the following updates:

  • links
  • videos
  • places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Tv
  • Events

Here is a quick video to help you:


Store Important Articles For Later

  • Useful & helpful

One of the most effective ways to connect with people in your industry is to share their content. The content that does the best is that which is useful and helpful. People are searching the internet daily. Become the person who curates that content for them.


As you fly through your newsfeed you can save the articles that you think would be useful and helpful to your fans, followers and subscribers.

Here is a post from my friend Scott Ayres. “5 Quick Ways to Get Readers to Share Your Blog Posts” – this article is helpful and useful. I’ll implement some of these steps when I have finished this blog post and I’ll share it with my fans, followers and subscribers.

  •  Entertaining

Most people who spend time online like to be entertained. Think of yourself at an event, if you are entertained by the people who are hosting you will remember them. The newsfeed is the same and if you are really good, your content will get shared.

If you come across entertaining content that has already got lots of interaction, you can save it and curate it for your page later.

  • Interests

What are your fans interested in? Conduct a Graph search and when you discover the pages that you fans like you can scan the content and save a bunch of it for the next few days.

Here is an example. I know that business women are a target for me on Facebook. However, sometimes it’s good to know what those women like.

In this search I have looked for pages liked by women who like Kim Garst.

Now, it is important to note that I know Kim and I’m 100% about her quality of fan so this search is pretty accurate.


I have opted to receive notifications from these pages in my newsfeed ongoing, so that when they share something my fans will like, I can quickly “save” for later!

Discover New Authors And Create Influencer Lists

  • Make New Connections

Have you ever paid real attention to the people who are commenting on Facebook post updates?

Analyzing what people say on the posts you save and finding a common connection will help you to discover a new connection you never had before.


Here is an example from a post I saved for later. See how Blume has commented on this post? I have replied but taken it a step further and discovered  and liked her amazing page and business.

I know that Blume is interested in Social Media and chances are she will share content that I like and can build further connections with.

  • Curate shareable content

Finding great content is what makes you stand out online. If you can source articles, videos and useful information that will help your audience, they will be coming back for more!


Here is an example of a post from Social Media Examiner. As you can see, the article has a lot of interaction and most noticeably they have lots of shares. This is one to bookmark and save for later :-)

  • Comment on important blogs

Blog commenting is a great way to make new connections and increase your visibility. Use the “save” feature to identify shareable articles, comment on blogs and create a list of great authors and influencers.

To take it a step further you should connect with these people on your other Social Media channels to nurture the relationship.

Check out all these people who commented on a Postplanner blog – you never know, but your next best client or referral partner could be right there in front of you.


Curate Content for Other Channels

Facebook is great when you know how to leverage it. However, curating content for other channels is just as important.

The “save” feature on facebook gives us another way to discover and curate great content that can be used on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.


If you are using a scheduling tool like Buffer you can take your articles from your saved folders and schedule curated content to your other channels.


Try the “save” button today and tell us what and who have found in the comments below.

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