Facebook Page Cover Image Easy Design Template

Easily create a custom Facebook Cover image using PowerPoint!

Our TabSite team created a template that anyone can use to easily build a custom Facebook Cover Image for their fan page.

Simply download the file, open in PowerPoint and then follow the instructions to create on slide 3 your perfect, custom cover image.  After creation, simply save and load to Facebook!

Click to access PowerPoint Template file.

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Tips on Cover Image Use:

The recent change by Facebook eliminating the 20% text rule does open up some marketing opportunities and options for Facebook Pages.

One of the key advantages is that there is value in updating the cover image more regularly now to update fans on important information such as a event, webinar, new product, etc.  Consider updating your Cover Image at least every 2 weeks to highlight something special about your company and to reinforce your branding with a key message.

DO NOT make the Cover Image too busy with a bunch of messages.  Simple is good!  Focus on 1-2 items max such as your tag line and a product image, or a message an arrows to drive the eye to your fan page tabs.

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