Facebook Announces New Commerce Products and Platforms for Businesses

Facebook Announces New Commerce Products and Platforms for Businesses

The internet is one of the most used means of marketing available to business owners. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter boast billions of users every single day. The most popular site among the aforementioned is Facebook. It appears like this is only going to continue as Mark Zuckerberg announces new commerce products and innovations for Facebook.

Facebook’s Plans 

Facebook recently confirmed that it intends to expand the reach of its marketplace. It will do this by making it available on other platforms, including WhatsApp. This will be a huge benefit for businesses as over 1 billion users globally visit the marketplace every month. Not to mention, businesses can soon showcase their products on WhatsApp, an app that was initially designed for messaging.

Not only does Facebook wish to expand the parameters within ads are seen, it also intends on introducing Shop Ad Solutions. Essentially, this will provide users with a unique ad experience depending on their preferences.

Finally, in terms of just showcasing products, Facebook will be introducing the ability to collaborate. This technology will build additional features for collaborative ads. These will allow retailers to partner with brands quickly and easily.

How This Builds on What Facebook Already Offers 

One of the greatest benefits of businesses advertising online is the fact advertisers have the ability to target ads. They can easily target people who will be genuinely interested in the product. It is much different to previous generations where ads would be made and organizations would hope people would see them. Now, they are put right in front of people who search for similar products.

The new tools that Facebook is implementing build on these benefits by using product tags. These enable sellers to send people to their shop direct from an advertisement on their social media page.

The Future of Shopping 

Also in the announcement by Facebook, the firm advised that it would be moving forward with the future of shopping. It confirmed its intention to bridge the gap between the convenience of shopping on the internet and the experience that comes with shopping on the high street. They plan to do this by enhancing the technology behind Augmented Reality and Live Shopping.

Facebook already uses interactive ads. For instance, online gambling sites such as lucky nugget, offer slots that users can spin before being redirected to the site to claim their prize. In its announcement, however, Facebook confirms they will be taking this interactive experience to new heights.

The social media site confirms it will make it easier for brands that require it to create an AR try-on experience on the Facebook shop. This will allow users to try on items before they buy them. For example, if they are purchasing make-up or new clothes.

Facebook will also be focusing a lot more on live shopping. It will be doing this by teaming up with another social site, Instagram. With live shopping, brands will be able to actively engage with customers. This means they can answer any questions about past, present, and future items. Plus, brands will be able to advertise new products using this service as well.


Facebook is currently one of the biggest sites that people use in order to engage with friends and family, boasting an incredible 1.56 billion daily users. With this statistic in mind, it’s no surprise that businesses from around the world flock to the site in order to promote their items.

Now, it seems this will only increase as Facebook is advancing the way that it sells products by including the likes of live shopping, AR, and cross-platform selling.

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