Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace

Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace

Emotional support animals (ESA) are making an impact on the mental health space. Several doctors and psychiatrists are starting to realize the benefits ESAs give their patients. Not only do they provide comfort for their owners, but they can also help alleviate the symptoms of many mental health disorders.

If you spend a good chunk of your time at the office, being able to bring your ESA with you would, no doubt, make you more productive and happier at work. Continue below to learn more about emotional support animals in the workplace.

How To Talk to Your Employer About Your ESA

According to the ESA Registration of America, emotional support animals can accompany their owners in college dorms, apartments, and certain hotels. However, private businesses aren't permitted by law to allow your ESA inside the workplace.

That said, most offices are now pet-friendly. Having the right approach can increase your chances of your employer allowing your furry companion at work.

For starters, it's always good to make sure your ESA is certified. You'll need to get a letter from your licensed mental health professional. This should state how your pet helps you live with your symptoms. Afterward, a simple conversation with your employer should be enough to convince them that having your pet with you in the workplace will make you more productive and happier at work.

It's also important to reassure your employer that your pet is well-trained and won't disrupt the office. You'll need to make sure your pet is friendly and well-behaved enough to not cause any issues.

Benefits of Having Your ESA at the Office

One great thing about ESAs is that they don't need any official training. Unlike service dogs who go through rigorous training to perform their duties, ESAs can be assigned to their owners based on the joy and comfort they provide them. Some ways that an ESA can help you at the office are:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Decreasing Anxiety
  • Better Social Skills
  • Heightening Productivity

Not only will these benefits make you a better employee, but they will also improve your well-being. As a result, having your ESA attend work with you can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. You should have no problems if you can convey these benefits to your employer and coworkers.


The benefits of emotional support animals are still in the research phase. However, all of the results so far have been extremely promising. What's more, several companies are jumping on board with allowing pets in the workplace. It's an excellent way to improve company culture and the overall mental health of their employees.

Remember, always consult with your manager before bringing your emotional support animal to the office. Moreover, make sure that your pet is well-behaved and won't cause any issues for the rest of the office.

If your employer doesn't budge on allowing your furry friend to attend work, you could always try to see if you can work remotely.

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