Eight Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Eight Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Are you still running an environmentally unfriendly business and using plastic? It's time to make some changes. Despite whatever people in denial might want you to believe, climate change is real and it has been gradually taking a toll on our only livable planet. Additionally, a sustainable eco-friendly business can see reduced operational costs.

Not just that, but consumers also prefer engaging with brands that are conscious about their impact on the planet. That also means a major change in buying habits. Hence, it is time to get rid of plastic and go green. This article will help you with everything you need to know to adopt an eco-friendly business model. Keep reading!

1. Recycle

Be the Gandalf of waste management and let recycling bins work their magical alchemy. Replace your virgin paper with recycled paper and put the recycling bins near copier machines for easy use. Remove the plastic or paper coffee mugs and replace them with reusable ones. Encourage your caffeine-loving colleagues to bring their mugs from home. These steps can turn office trash into treasure.

2. Getting rid of plastic shopping bags

It is time to bid farewell to plastic shopping bags and use reusable tote bags. Non woven tote bags are not only quite trendy, but also resistant to wear and tear. Get a customized design, and you can stand out among the plethora of businesses with a unique, eco-friendly way to sell your products. Look for a reliable wholesale non woven tote bags supplier and go green with your packaging.

3. Go digital 

Who needs paper in the age of digitalization? The world has now shifted online and for all good reasons. Not only is this good for business organization and faster transactions, but also for the environment. Around 1.4 billion trees are cut down each year, and that too just for paper production. Going digital will reduce the unnecessary extraction of natural resources and make your businesses more efficient. Invest in cloud storage, use e-signatures, and promote a paperless office culture.

4. Offer remote work to your employees

The coronavirus pandemic made working from home a hot trend. Offering remote work or a hybrid model means fewer cars on the road and subsequently less fossil fuel consumption and air pollution. Also, there's nothing your employees would love more than to work from their homes. Not only does it offer flexibility, but it can save your employees the travel cost. Fewer people coming to the office also means you'd use less electricity and have fewer utilities to pay for.

5. Switch to using LEDs instead of regular lights

Incandescent light bulbs not only use more power, but they're also harsh on the eyes. Swap these bulbs out with LEDs. These last longer, consume less energy, and put less train on the eyes. Encourage your employees to switch off the lights when they're not in a room. You can also install motion-sensitive lights so that your lights only turn on when someone walks in. That way, you don't have to ensure all lights are turned off before you leave.

Not only will you save energy and money with LEDs, but you'll also give your office the ambiance of a chic, energy-conscious workspace. Also, LEDs emit 80% less greenhouse gases, inevitably leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

6. Work with sustainable supplies

Sustainability always starts at the source! Are your suppliers environmentally friendly and ethical? Do they comply with local environmental regulations? How is the raw material obtained? Sourcing sustainable materials may be costly, but it pays off in the long haul. You'll attract more eco-friendly customers who're willing to pay the price. This will also help you reduce the total carbon footprint of your supply chain.

7. Add some greenery to the office space

Give your modern office a chic look with a touch of nature. The presence of plants will reduce work-related stress and subsequently improve employee performance. Hence, decorate your office with indoor plants to radiate eco-chic vibes.

8. Conserve water 

Ever entered the office toilet and witnessed a tap running? It is time to make some changes around the office to keep your business eco-friendly. Upgrade the toilet with low-flow faucets to conserve water. Feel free to install no-touch sensors so no one accidentally leaves the tap running.

Your work does not end here! The wastewater has to be disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible. What are you waiting for? Get a sustainable wastewater treatment plan for your facility and conserve water!


Sustainable products are sometimes more expensive than the conventional ones. However, when running a business, you have to ensure you do not exploit natural resources. Transform your business into an eco-friendly powerhouse and save the only livable planet by following the tips mentioned above. Focus on the triple bottom line, i.e., people, planet, and profits.

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