Effective Ways for Entrepreneurs to Destress

Effective Ways for Entrepreneurs to Destress

Entrepreneurship is a lot of things, but an easy job it isn’t! To build, maintain and grow one or more businesses successfully takes a lot of work from every possible angle. Unless entrepreneurs take active steps to destress themselves, burnouts are inevitable on account of the accumulating work-related stress.

Hard work and long hours are always going to be a part of the lifestyle for any successful entrepreneur, but de-stressing must also be implemented into the lifestyle to prevent burnouts and make that workaholic nature sustainable. On that note, let’s go through a few effective methods of de-stressing which the top business leaders of the world utilize regularly to depressurize and stay relaxed.

Discover the Magic of Audiobooks

The general perception is that reading a book is better than listening to it, but that may not always be true. It depends entirely on the individual, as some of us are more aural than visual. However, audiobooks are particularly more suited for busy entrepreneurs, given that audiobooks, podcasts, etc. allow us more freedom of movement and even a bit of light multitasking!

Play Golf

If you have never tried golf yet, you will find it to be more relaxing than anything else that you might have played before. That being said, getting access to a good golf course every time you need to bust some stress may not exactly be an option. This makes a good golf simulator one of the best ways to destress on your own irrespective of the weather, the time, and annoying club rules! For more golf tips click here.

Put one in your office, or in your home, but just be sure to find one with a retractable screen. Having the option to turn any room into a personal golf course at will, or to hide the screen from view when you need to, are very convenient and practical features to have in a golf simulator.

Explore and Find Your Favorite Physical Exercise

We all know that physical exercise helps us to relieve stress, but so few of us are actually able to get even 15-minutes of regular exercise. The main reason why we lose interest is that exercise feels like a chore to most people, including successful business owners! Instinctively, we find it exceptionally hard to be disciplined in something that neither “feels” necessary, nor does it provide us with entertainment.

Therefore, the idea here is to try new avenues of exercise, until you find your favorite. If the traditional gym route doesn’t appeal to you, try some of the following exercise routines:

  • Martial arts – Learn to defend yourself and bust stress in the process, by taking classes in Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, etc.
  • Sports – If you had a thing for basketball, baseball or football back in the day, it’s time to get into it again
  • Swimming – Swimming is ideal for building muscular strength, relieving stress and shedding weight
  • Trekking – Jogging in the park and trekking through a forested section of your home town are two completely different experiences

Keep Stress from Accumulating with Systematic Breaks

Break out of the wrong break structure, because the traditional one-break rule is inadequate. Instead, try any of the techniques mentioned below to prevent stress buildup.

  • Work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break after, to complete every hour of work
  • Divide every half an hour of your work time into 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break
  • Never let one session of work exceed 20 minutes at a stretch; the break time could be anything between 2 – 10 minutes
  • Try to use all the rules above interchangeably throughout a week

Sustainability is the theme here, and every one of the relaxing techniques/activities mentioned here is meant to help with precisely that. We all need to relieve accumulated stress in some way or the other so that we can continue to be productive for a long time to come. It’s important to remember that productivity is not just about working hard, but it also refers to working smart, and there is no reason why the two cannot work in perfect coordination.

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