Effective Strategies in Marketing HVAC Service Agreements

Effective Strategies in Marketing HVAC Service Agreements

HVAC service agreements are crucial for modern HVAC contracting businesses. Service agreements ensure long-term business for repeat customers and allow contractors to predict their income with more regularity.

However, customers have to sign on the dotted line before you benefit from HVAC service agreements. To make sure you get as many long-term customers as possible, let’s go over some effective strategies you can use when marketing HVAC service agreements. 

Always Establish Trust First

Whenever you need a new customer, it’s important to establish trust in your work before pitching your service agreement. After all, customers have to know that your company can get the job done exactly as they want before they’ll be comfortable asking you for long-term service.

To improve your relationship with new customers, be sure to have your contractors ask about their specific challenges or preferences so they can better serve their needs.

Educate Your Current Customers

With current customers, it’s a good idea to educate them about the specific benefits included with service agreements. Some service agreement outlines or templates can seem complex; be sure to use this template for a simple but detailed HVAC service agreement example that offers total transparency.

By educating your current customers about the benefits of service agreements, they’ll be more likely to agree to long-term service with your company when your contractors do finally pitch to them.

Use Referral Programs

If you don’t already have a referral program, make one! You can market and sell many more HVAC service agreements by having your customers do all the legwork.

Referral programs allow you to leverage word-of-mouth and get new service agreement signers just because your current satisfied customers have taken advantage of that program. Referral programs are essentially agreements that provide the referrer some extra service or benefit if they get one of their friends or family members to sign up for your service agreement.

It’s easy, profitable in the long run, and takes way less time than many other marketing strategies.

Incentivize Your Contractors

If your contractors don’t seem very gung-ho about marketing HVAC service agreements, try to incentivize them through rewards programs or other bonuses. For instance, you could say that the contractor who gets the most service agreement sign-ups in a quarter will get a $1000 bonus or something similar.

The key is to make sure that your foot soldiers are doing everything they can to positively market service agreements and their many benefits. At the same time, be sure that they don’t act pushy toward new customers; this tends to drive people away from signing your service agreements instead of making a signature more likely.

Have Contractors Give Free Advice

One last tip: tell your contractors to be generous when it comes to giving out maintenance and HVAC advice. The more advice they give your customers, the more your customers will be satisfied with your visits and performance. Even better, free advice feels like free service, even though it costs you nothing. All of this adds up to a better reputation and essentially works like free marketing!

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