3 Tips for Making Your Marketing Mission Less of a Pain

Marketing Mission

Some people really like marketing, and some people really hate it, but when all is said and done, it’s just one of those unavoidable things that every business needs to deal with, for better or for worse.

Marketing, first and foremost, is the art of letting people know that you and your business exist, and then giving them a convincing rundown of the reasons why they should spend some money on you.

But, it’s definitely the case that there are “easier” and “harder” ways to market. Here are a few tips for making your marketing mission less of a pain.


Focus very specifically within your particular niche, and specify your audience as precisely as you can



If you try to market too broadly, you are pretty much automatically setting yourself up for failure.

This is a challenge that new entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with, as they try to reach out to as many prospective markets and clients as possible, and cover as many bases as possible, for the sake of getting the greatest possible amount of overall exposure.

The more broadly you try to market, however, the more work you’re going to have to put in, the less certain anything you’re doing will be, and the more stressful the whole process will become.

By far the better option is to focus very specifically within your niche, and to zone-in on your target audience as precisely as you can.

HVAC marketing ideas aren’t going to be the same as marketing ideas and strategies for a lawnmower rental company, and the target demographic may well be different, too.

Be as niche-focused as you can, at least at the start, and things will be much more straightforward for you.


Focus on establishing the right daily marketing routines and habits, rather than rabidly chasing a particular number of conversions



You might have heard of the idea of “systems versus goals,” apparently originally coined by the famous cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert comics, Scott Adams.

Essentially, the argument is that when you get too focused on goals (or perhaps “KPIs”) you put yourself in a vulnerable and unstable situation, where the path ahead isn’t necessarily very clear, and all your emotional well-being is tied into something quite ephemeral and uncertain.

The alternative is to focus primarily on your “systems” – in other words, your daily routines and rituals.

Focusing on daily marketing “systems” essentially means doing things like sending out letters of introduction, like clockwork, for its own sake. Doing things this way may make your marketing much less stressful, while still yielding the same ultimate end benefits.


Don’t market in ways that you hate



There are all sorts of different marketing techniques and strategies out there that you could hypothetically be employing – probably thousands rather than hundreds, and each one detailed enough that there will doubtless be multiple books written on it.

So, should you create a Twitter account and make a point of engaging with it every day for marketing purposes? Well, here is an important question – do you like Twitter, or do you hate it?

There’s a good argument to be made that you simply shouldn’t market in ways that you hate, whether or not they’re supposed to hypothetically be fruitful. If you hate a thing, you’re not likely to do very well at it, and it will introduce far more stress and frustration to your life than you’d want.

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