eCommerce Site Optimization: 6 Things To Do To Drive Sales

eCommerce Site Optimization: 6 Things To Do To Drive Sales

Setting up an eCommerce store and driving sales for it is not an easy task. You need to have proper eCommerce site optimization and marketing strategies to support your business and increase sales.

There is no magic formula for having skyrocketing sales and ultimately building a successful business. If you are willing to put the effort in, you are good to go. Taking the help of the right eCommerce site optimization strategies can rightly sail your business in the right direction.

Want to know what those strategies are? Keep reading to find out.

Use the pop-ups smartly

No denying that pop-ups are irritating to users. But they also work well in getting the attention of the users. Some measures can help you use the pop-ups smartly without compromising on the goodwill of the users. Don’t encourage them to download your company’s application as soon as they visit your website. Because initially, they don’t know whether your services are fit for them or not. A call to action or small button is enough to make them download your app if they really find it useful browsing it.

Want to collect the email addresses of the customers? Entice them with a discount or freebie. Don’t use the pop-ups for collecting emails without offering anything in return. Ensure that the pop-ups you are including follow Google’s mobile interstitial guidelines.

Meet accessibility compliance

Not meeting the accessibility standards can create challenges for your website. Ensure that your website meets the accessibility standards of the place where your business is located. Everyone should find it easy to access your eCommerce website, including disabled people.

For instance - if your business is located in Canada, you must follow Accessible Canada Act Standards (ACA). It shows that you have a proactive approach toward accessibility. You can even rely on ACA Compliance consultants for the same. Meeting accessibility compliance will help you drive more sales.

Site speed

It has been said that fast sites are good while slow sites are bad. Use the right image sizes in your website that doesn’t make it difficult to load. Having the right plan, resources, and data are necessary to ensure that your site speed is normal. Fast load speeds are more important in eCommerce sit optimization compared to general web design.

You also need to pay attention to the mobile loading speeds. If your website doesn’t have a fast enough speed to load on mobile phones easily, you can never rise in terms of search rank on the search engine. People prefer using their smartphones for shopping rather than desktop. So, your website must cater to the needs of everyone. You can have a look at Google’s core web vitals report for your website and accordingly make changes to it. It could be compressing images, removing some multimedia elements, or reducing the number of plugins.

Paid traffic

Get the help of paid advertisements to take your marketing game higher. It allows you to reach a wider audience and increase eCommerce sales. You can strike the right chord with people with the help of sponsored content. Post the content regularly.

You can also schedule ads and make a paid ads calendar to stay ahead of your competitors and increase sales consistently. In addition to showing your products and services, you can also post behind-the-scenes videos of how your business works. It helps a lot when it comes to building customer relationships and loyalty.

eCommerce SEO

Without using the right mix of keywords, your eCommerce business can never show up in the top results of the search engine. For instance - if you have a high-end clothing store, you can consider using keywords like “Luxury fashions,” “ boutique couture,” and whatnot.

Remember to use the keywords in the headings, alt tags, content, and description. It will give the search engine an idea about what your store deals with and will show up in the search results if people look for those terms.

Checkout process

When customers reach the checkout screen, they are only a few seconds away from making a purchase. Thus, you should keep things simple at this point. Have clear instructions at the checkout about how to proceed. Including, the features like auto-fill make things simpler and easy to navigate. Furthermore, your eCommerce website should have guest checkout options for customers who are not yet ready to sign up for an account.

Including the option of buy now and pay later can also transform things for your business. You can use the integration tools of the companies offering buy now and pay later services to include in your checkout portal.


If you give the time and attention your eCommerce site wants, you will definitely get the number of sales you want. Take yourself on the path of growth with the strategies mentioned above, and you will notice the difference soon.  A newer idea seeing traction is to use QR code integration for ecommerce and online shopping to make it easy for shoppers to find products.  Using the newest innovations can help you increase your sales.

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