Easy Ways to Downsize Your Workplace

Easy Ways to Downsize Your Workplace

New technology has now meant that we don’t always need as much office space as we once did. There are no bulky servers to store or even large computers to find room for. With that in mind, you might be looking at your options surrounding downsizing. Consider saving money and making daily operations easier by doing any of the following things:

Putting Office Items Into Storage

Many business owners can be unsure about downsizing because they don’t know where to put their spare furniture and files that they must keep for tax purposes. Rather than continue paying sky-rocketing commercial lease prices for space you don’t really need, consider utilizing a business like SecurCare in Colorado Springs for storage space. You can pay a small monthly fee and store any office supplies you still want to keep but have no immediate need for.

Any time you wish to collect a new office chair or documents for your tax return, you can make a quick trip to your storage unit to get what you need with ease.

Create a Remote Work Team

You may have a thriving business with dozens of employees, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide an office for them all. Instead, you can hire remote workers to carry out your daily tasks from the comfort of their own homes.

They get to benefit from better work-life balance and commute avoidance, while you get to enjoy reduced costs from not having to spend significant sums of money on office rent. There can also be other benefits associated with a remote team, such as being able to tap into the talent pool from around the world, rather than employees just from your own city.

Upgrade Your Technology

When you’re trying to streamline your practices and downsize your workplace, you may think you just need to invest in more petite furniture. However, it may surprise you to learn that a simple tech upgrade can also be how you can achieve your downsizing goals.

You can remove the need for bulky in-house servers by upgrading to the cloud. You can also see away with cumbersome computer towers by investing in laptops for your team. Even VOIP has its place in the modern workplace, given that it’s affordable, portable, and flexible for shrinking or growing workforces.

One of the most immediate benefits of upgrading your technology is requiring less space to operate your business. However, the more flexible and portable your technology is, the more freedom your team can have to work how and where they are most productive.

Go Paperless

Even though you may store your important paper files in a storage unit, you may also see the value in adopting a paperless workplace. You benefit, the environment benefits, and your wallet benefits.

Storing all files, documents, and customer information on your servers means you don’t have to spend as much on copiers, printer toner, maintenance, and paper. You also don’t need to hold onto those filing cabinets for storage, either.

What’s more, your reduced need for paper may contribute to fewer carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. Just 17 reams of paper can be produced from one tree, with around 110 pounds of C02 being released into the atmosphere during the creation process.

Knowing you’re not contributing to this problem can be a nice feeling. It can also help your customers view you more favorably if you appear to care about the environment.

Forgo the Meeting Room

It’s not uncommon for the average office workplace to have a meeting room so large that it almost takes up as much space as the rest of your office. While a meeting room can be important, it may not need to be as large as they typically are – or even on-site at all.

You may be able to downsize your workplace and pay less rent by opting for premises without a meeting room. Instead, you can hire a space for the rare occasions you need one. They are often available for day hire with all the technology you need for presentations, video conferences, and more.

For more informal meetings, your local café may be more than suitable to catch up with clients, business associates, and suppliers.

The days of large, multi-story buildings for businesses large and small are over. If you’re trying to streamline your business model and cut costs at the same time, any of these tips above might be how you do just that. 

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