Does Call Tracking Help With Marketing?

Many businesses these days are turning to call tracking as a way to better measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Capturing data about phone calls as a result of digital ads, email campaigns, or other marketing efforts, allows them to see what works. They get a much clearer picture of how well their efforts are working and where they need to make adjustments. By capturing data, call tracking can provide useful insights into key aspects of marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Help With Marketing

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a service that allows you to track phone calls made by potential customers who reach your website after an ad click, email campaign, video campaign, etc. You can find many software providers of call tracking online through some basic web research. However, it's important to choose a company that provides the kind of data you need. If you are running an email marketing campaign, call tracking allows you to know how many phone calls came from prospects as a result of your email blast. This is advantageous because now you can see exactly which emails were most effective. Plus, how many total new customers came from them.

Once you choose a call tracking service, the next step is to set up a phone number on your website that will link to the call tracking system. In other words, when someone clicks on an ad or email campaign or some other marketing effort of yours, they'll see a unique phone number. This is set for your particular campaign. If they choose to call that number, the phone will ring at both your business and the call tracking service. Analytics software then tracks information about that phone call. This allows you to gather useful data.

What kind of data do call tracking platforms capture from phone calls?

Conversational analytics

Conversational analytics, for example, can provide insights into the topics on the call. Or, what products or services were mentioned, and even how long the conversation was. This information can be invaluable in determining which marketing channels are most effective at generating leads and sales. This data can also determine which particular products or services tie to the most business.

Digital Campaign Data

Leverage call data for digital campaign optimization. Do this by determining the effectiveness of different ads, ad copy, and landing pages within a marketing campaign. This data can then determine which campaigns should continue and which need adjustments.

Contextual Data

Digital campaign data is a great way to assess the performance of a marketing channel or ad. But, call data can also offer context not available from digital channels. For example, call data allows the company to understand the role that time of day and day of week play in generating leads and sales. Learning the ebb and flow of business over different times of day enables companies to get a better idea of their customers' schedule. Or, the homeostasis curve, which can help them formulate marketing campaigns that target the best possible hours. Contextual data provided by call tracking platforms can be combined with digital campaign data to provide deeper insights. Thus ensuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Call Data

Finally, call data can be used to track the performance of different offices or locations. It provides valuable insights into how particular sales teams are performing. Call tracking platforms allow businesses to view information like the number of calls made and lead responses for each location. These are also known as dialer reports. This helps companies learn which offices are making more or fewer calls than others and how many calls are converting into leads. Additionally, call data can be used to monitor the performance of individual sales representatives and which campaigns they're running. This enables companies to hone in on employees who do not need additional training. Or, those who may be struggling with a particular campaign or customer type.

How To Optimize Your Marketing With Call Tracking Data

When it comes to marketing, businesses should not collect just any data they can get their hands on. They need to be certain that the data they're collecting is actionable. Thus, will give them clear insights into what works and what doesn't when it comes to campaign performance. By leveraging call tracking data, companies can gain a much more thorough picture of how their marketing campaigns are working. They can precisely determine what they need to improve.


Companies that use call tracking can leverage data from phone calls made as a result of digital campaigns or other marketing efforts. This allows them to get a much clearer picture of which channels are most effective at generating leads and sales. They can also see which products or services tie into the most business. Plus, how their customers' schedules and habits play into business operations. This data can then be used to optimize digital campaigns, provide insights into how different offices and sales teams are performing. Finally, it can aid in pinpointing which employees would benefit from additional training. We hope this article was helpful!

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