Digital Trends for Real Estate Agencies Under Restrictions

Digital Trends for Real Estate Agencies Under Restrictions

Let's face it: even though 2020 transformed all fields of business worldwide, industries based on customer services took the biggest hit. This includes real estate agencies, which, in light of new measures and norms, were forced to reevaluate their strategies. Real estate agents must consider digital trends that go hand in hand with the new, home-based lifestyle of their customers.

Where some see an obstacle, the others see an opportunity. In fact, the pandemic provides an excellent chance to finally move the business to a more generation-fitting, digital form.

This potentially challenging time for real estate agencies was used by some brands to get to know the game and learn to play it. Indeed, providing potential customers with good digital content might seem tricky, but it is possible.

To provide the best digital trends for real estate agencies in 2020, we analyzed the best brands' strategies and picked the absolute top three.

Production of Real Estate Videos

Most real estate agencies, such as The Pattisall Group - Real Estate Agent, know why it is worth producing real estate videos. When buyers can't physically visit the property, videos are a great way to show a home. They provide material that will imitate real-life tours as closely as possible. In fact, videos can answer buyers' questions and help them visualize the space better.

If a brand follows all technology trends, it's bound to produce a high-quality material, which will serve the company for long years to come.

Top real estate companies use this digital tool to show both the outside and the inside of the property. For the exterior, they widely use drone footage. However, for the interior - a virtual stroll around the house is often implemented. This is meant to reflect the house's real looks and focus on the exposure of its most important features or parts.

Plus, real estate videos don't necessarily focus solely on showing the property. In fact, educational videos or short interviews with happy buyers are increasingly more popular. Primarily as they help create the brand's positive image.

Establishing a Position in Social Media

It shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the most prominent digital trends on the market is connected to a successfully conducted social media strategy. Just think about it: these days, most home buyers use Facebook. Additionally, there is so much more out there; Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Real estate companies that stay up-to-date with the trends will optimize their social media accounts on the most popular platforms. This is how they share their digital content and keep in touch with potential property buyers. Sometimes they include more personal or humoristic content. This gives the team a chance to introduce themselves to the audience and makes them more humane and relatable.

Virtual Reality Tours

Online virtual tours took the real estate industry by storm even before the pandemic first hit. Virtual reality provides the customers with the most realistic experience possible because it lets them see the house almost as if they saw it live.

These virtual tours enable clients to wander around the property with or without assistance. Which then allows them to focus on the parts of the house they find the most important. Real estate companies that offer virtual tours are known to follow the technology trends and often incorporate virtual open houses. You can embed a virtual tour in Digital Flyer, a sign rider texting app from Pro Agent Solutions.

Summing Up

While it's true that pandemic complicated the customer service in the real estate industry, it also revealed new trends to conduct business online successfully.

The latest technology trends enable real estate agents to promote their product in a smart, future-oriented, and customer-friendly way. In fact, it's crucial to remember that it is the latter that drives the most change in the industry.

Nowadays, real estate agents must be very transparent to a potential customer to sell a property. The product must be as easily accessible as possible. The more convenient the buying process is to the customer, the better.

Moreover, these days there are more and more young people who are going on a property hunt. The top real estate companies must get to know their customers and genuinely discover their world to be able to fit into their modern lifestyle.

Observing top real estate brands and how they conduct their Internet marketing might be a great source of inspiration for all kinds of businesses that require personal contact with the customers. Following the digital trends and staying up-to-date with the changing world can help attract customers even in those challenging times.


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