Digital Marketing for Start-Ups

If you are starting your business, it’s highly likely you can’t afford just to spend your money randomly. The funds you have don’t represent a buffer in your start-ups bank account, it actually represents the runway you have for your start-up to take off or crash horribly. That’s why you need every single expenditure to be mission-critical and working as hard as possible, providing the best bang for your buck. This means that every single expense needs to be scrutinized thoroughly and weighed against cheaper alternatives if there are any. Now is not the time to go for the deluxe version of things, it’s the time to do things on a shoestring.

Digital marketing for startups


You will find that many start-ups will want to in-source things rather than outsourcing. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to dive into every little aspect of running a business themselves.

Spending all the time they have researching things such as accounting, rules and regulations, logistics and more just so they can do it themselves.

This also includes marketing. Rather than hiring an agency to take care of this area of the business, start-ups should hire a freelancer, or find a more junior person to take care of this. And why not? Marketing, especially digital marketing, is not only extremely accessible, but it’s also always a great way to engage in marketing that is controllable and accountable.

Digital Marketing

You can divide your start-ups digital marketing into three categories, you have owned media, earned media and bought media. The first one refers to your website and other assets that you already have. You have made media if you manage to build up a following on your social media and are able to push your marketing message via that way. Both owned and earned media might take some time to get off the ground, so most companies rely on the last category, bought media.

PPC & Paid Social

Within bought media, you have social media, video, display and search engine advertising. Video and display advertising is usually seen as higher up the marketing funnel and might not be very suitable for those who need to see immediate returns on their investment. In most cases, a combination of search engine advertising and paid social media will generate enough volume and results to make things worthwhile. Both search engine advertising, or pay-per-click marketing (PPC) as it’s typically called, and paid social media advertising can be done via self-serve platforms that are open to anyone. There are plenty of resources out there that not only teach you the basics but can also get your skills on a whole new level. Check out a Google ads automation system to maximize your results.

Doing things on a shoestring is excellent and gets you involved with the inner workings of things. At the end of the day, there isn’t anyone who will take better care of your investment than yourself. So get load up your laptop and start researching how you can drive valuable business via smart digital marketing.