How To Grow Your Business By Getting More Customer Reviews

The world of eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries. Every day, hundreds of thousands of products sell online. However, eCommerce also changes the way customers shop for goods and how companies market their goods. When customers purchase a product online, they may not have seen it in real life. As such, they rely on product reviews from other customers. If the product has good customer reviews, it is more likely that customers will buy the product. The review comparison website Truely is a great example of how important reviews are. They use AI to collect reviews and deliver ratings and tips for potential users. So good honest reviews can go a long way.

In this article, we’ve got a list of tips for how you can go about earning more online reviews. If you’re thinking of strengthening your marketing strategy, look no further! Keep reading this article to find out how you can make more sales by getting more customer reviews. To make your business even more efficient, take a look at these blank check stubs.

1. Set Up Google My Business

As the world’s largest and most popular search engine, Google ratings have a huge influence on your business performance as well as customers’ trust in your products. As such, the most important step you need to do is to claim your business on Google.

Make sure that when you’re claiming your business, the information you input matches your business’s website perfectly. This includes your number and address. This way, Google will be able to recognize that your website and Google My Business profile are linked.

Next, your business also needs to go through verification. This is often done through email. Check your inbox, as well as your spam folder, for the verification email that Google will send you after claiming your business.

You also need to check that your Google profile is filled in completely. It’s important to be meticulous when you’re doing this. Your Google profile will be the first thing that customers see when they check out your listing or leave a review.

Another tip is to add photos as well as vivid product descriptions to your listing. Incorporating keywords is also another good practice to ensure that searches for your business or product are optimized.

Lastly, you should include links to your Google My Business profile in your order confirmations or other methods of communication with your customers. This way, it’s easier for customers to leave reviews for your business and its products.

Review platform

2. Sign Up For A Review Platform

Sites like Trustpilot are handy as they offer tools such as review forms, star ratings, and send automatic invitations to customers. When you’re choosing a review site, take note of the following:

  • Ensure that the platform’s homepage is targeted at consumers. If the platform is business-centric, then its focus is misplaced. You want to use sites that consumers are using to write reviews. Only then will you get useful reviews that will drive up customers’ trust in your business and products.
  • Review sites should have features that can help detect spam reviews. It’s pretty easy for customers to identify fake reviews and they might even think that you’re paying to have reviews written about your product. This will no doubt impact your business negatively. As such, you want to ensure that the review platform you’re using helps you to fish out illegitimate reviews.
  • Check whether the platform has badges. Badges contribute to code snippets and conversion rates that will drive up your star ratings in Google.

3. Identify Your Primary Industry Review Sites

Apart from signing up for review platforms, you should also check out your primary industry’s review platforms. Some industries like the fashion and technology industries have specific review sites that customers visit.

Not all industries have specific review sites. In this case, a little effort is required on your part. Look for reviews posted about your competitors as well as your own. Doing so will allow you to figure out where customers can find reviews for businesses that are like yours.

Furthermore, if you already have reviews from customers, ensure that you respond to them. Customer engagement is highly important in building customer relations and promoting a positive brand image. Remember, not all reviews you receive might be positive. Keeping a lookout for reviews ensures that you’re able to solve any problems or discrepancies that customers may have with their purchases.

Thinking about which platforms you want your customers to leave their reviews on is another crucial step. Signing up for multiple review sites increases your business presence but it also means that your customer reviews are being spread out over all these sites. Though you may have numerous customer reviews in total, each review site may only contain a handful of reviews. As such, searchers may get the impression that your business or products aren’t well-known.

You also need to be aware of review sites that contain a lot of negative reviews. Some sites function specifically for customers to leave bad reviews and call out businesses that they don’t like.

Get more reviews

4. Set Up Monitoring For Your Brand Name

Last but not least, you should set up monitoring for your brand name. Like we mentioned earlier, responding to customer reviews is important in building consumer trust. But, it’s not always feasible to reply to every single review as soon as it’s posted.

Try signing for Google Alerts which lets you know whenever your brand is mentioned or if a customer leaves a review. Even though it may not be the most efficient software out there, it’s better than having to manually track posts or reviews on Google.

Nowadays, customer reviews and customer support are handled similarly. Though this strategy may be difficult to execute in practice, it’s a good way to increase consumer trust in your business and products.


With the eCommerce industry thriving in today’s day and age, companies need to start thinking about how they can optimize online tools to further their business. Getting more online reviews is one of the most effective ways to get customers to trust your brand and buy your products. We hope that with this article, you’re better equipped to develop a better marketing strategy and grow your business.

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