SmartPhone Video Editing

SmartPhone Video Editing

Video is becoming more and more embedded in the online experience.

It captures the audience’s attention and draws them in, and with so many people using smartphones, it's a common part of our daily activity to watch short videos.

Beyond that, visual content is engaging and portrays complicated ideas simply, in a short amount of time.

With the advent of Facebook auto-play videos in the News Feed and Twitter’s increased video capabilities, visual content is widespread and offering more potential to business marketers than ever before.

Businesses need to be thinking about creating short videos to introduce products, demonstrate uses, discuss industry trends, and even to show some of the "behind the scenes" happenings in the business or office or manufacturing floor.

It helps the viewer connect with your person, and people ultimately by from the business they feel most connected too!

While creating videos may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! With the right tools on your smartphone, editing can be incredibly simple and straightforward.

Here's a list of smartphone video editing apps that can enable you to edit quick videos, add text captions, music, and more in a matter of seconds so that you can reach more people for your business with a medium they are consuming more of each day!

SP Video 1

1. MoviePro  ($4.99) - Available for Apple users, MoviePro is simple to use and has features that easily clip, add, and adjust videos.

They include everything from audio to picture editing, zoom, audio metering, and FPS, resolution, and quality adjustment.

SP Video 2


2. Videoshop ($1.99) - Also available to Apple users, this app has astounding capabilities. The easy clipping of video parts and ability to add text to videos at set points as well as to fade it out are some particularly useful features.

Other features include the capability to add music, sound effects, and voiceovers to videos, mixing videos together, and incredibly simple sharing to a wide variety of social media platforms. This is my current "go-to" favorite of the bunch.

SP Video 3


3. iMovie ($4.99) - Another Apple video tool. This one has all the bells and whistles, including the ability to create trailers. iMovie includes a wide variety of filters, the ability to create a soundtrack and includes social sharing and AirDrop.

The interface is a little more complex and time consuming than others on this list, so there is a stiffer learning curve.

SP Video 4


4. VivaVideo (FREE) - This app is available for Apple and Android! VivaVideo is easy to use. Cropping a video is quick and simple.

What is really fantastic is the creative ways to add text. It’s not just text - one can add text “bubbles” and “chat” lines that are animated.

For capturing a user at the start of a Facebook auto-play video, this is a great tool with easy ways be creative.

Using these 4 tools, video editing has never been simpler. By creating and editing videos to share on social networks, visual content is readily available to an audience to share, like, retweet and engage with.

Visual content is excellent for promoting brand awareness, customer engagement, and improving your social media strategy overall.

Don't be put off thinking that video is too difficult to do. A smartphone and a app above are really all that's needed to get started!

Images courtesy of iTunes.Apple.Com

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