Company Management Helpful Tips And Advice: Packing And Sending Items

Company Management Helpful Tips And Advice: Packing And Sending Items

If you have an online shop or any other business structure wherein the customer orders the products from you, then you know how important the packing and sending of items is. This does not necessarily only mean shipping the items but also making sure that it reaches safely to the consumer. Along with the cost of packaging and shipping, the right techniques can also help you to gain loyal and repeat customers.

In the e-commerce business, your packaging is the only physical touchpoint for your customer. It is a way for you to reinforce your brand and customer’s expectations. Customers nowadays also post interesting packaging and unboxing videos on their social media. This trend helps to promote brand awareness like no other. You can take this opportunity to be as creative as possible. Add your logo, shipping labels, packing slips, and other elements to make the unboxing experience memorable.

Some of the main components of packing and sending items include the cost to you, charges for the customer, and how to enhance the customer experience. Here are some tips that can help you to be more efficient and fulfill the delivery strategies properly.

Research On Different Suppliers

It is important to research the costs and other factors that are associated with different packaging and carrier services. Choosing the right one will have a very positive impact on your upfront cost. Just like any other purchase that is vital to your business, you need to find a dealer through extensive research. If you are dealing with medicines then look for a service provider that can offer pharmaceutical contract packaging. Understand the different options and sign a contract with the best one. You need to finalize this right at the start of your e-commerce business. By automating this factor, you will be able to free up a lot of human resources. This will allow you to focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Make Enticing Offers For Your Customers

Every customer likes to have an offer that they can benefit from. You can offer free shipping for a minimum order. This will essentially up your margins on profit without making any actual loss on delivery. It is a cost-effective way to offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. You do not need to set the minimum purchase amount right away but can be flexible until you hit the mark. This means you can set the minimum amount at 50 dollars or 100 dollars. Then, adjust and move the needle as you see the customer response. You will get a good insight into your customers and be able to focus more on strategies that drive conversion.

Select The Right Size Packages

Whatever your items for sale are, you need to make sure they are packaged in a way that it stays protected during the shipping. Choose a box over envelopes to prevent potential damage to the items. Use the right size package when sending the item. The box should fit the items well along with the protective wrapping around it. If the box is too large then the item will be bouncing around in it and be damaged. When the box is too small the item can be broken or dented.

Add Enough Wrapping Materials

You can use bubble wrap or any protective material to wrap your products. Items should be covered at each surface and section. For uniquely shaped items, add extra wrapping material to fill the rest of the box. Think about how the product may go through being thrown around, dropped, or mishandled. Ensure you add appropriate protective elements to it, just in case. Apart from bad handling, your package can also face rain or snow that can make it more prone to being damaged. A plastic or shrink-wrap can help it be protected against humidity and moisture.

Final Touches For Packing and Sending Items

careful packing

Once you are satisfied with your placement of the product inside the box, then focus your attention on the box itself. This means it should be sealed properly. If there are fragile items inside, then that should be clearly stated on the box. The contents and handling of the package can also be listed on the box. Add final touches of design like your logo so that your box has the right visual appeal for your customers.

Keep your customer’s experience in mind when packing and sending items. The more appealing and safety measures you incorporate, the more positive influence you will have on them.

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