Coming up With a Creative Social Media Theme

Coming up With a Creative Social Media Theme

With over 60 billion businesses on Facebook and 70% of companies on Twitter, social media is both competitive and necessary for commercial success in the 21st-century. Your challenge is to craft a compelling social media theme and strategy that helps you stand out for all the right reasons.

A crucial part of your strategy is the right social media plan. This is the glue that keeps your social media strategy together. It includes everything from your brand colors to your content strategy.

Don't wait to craft your strategy. Start now with these creative tips and tricks!

Maintain Brand Consistency Across Social Media

Does your Twitter profile feature your company logo, but your Instagram theme has a profile photo of a cat? As cute as kittens are, it's important to stay consistent across all your social media channels.

All your business pages should feature your company logo, brand colors, messaging, and relevant content strategy.

Create a Relevant and Engaging Content Strategy

The right content strategy is vital for your social media strategy. Don't use your company Twitter to yell political thoughts into the void, then turn around and use your business Facebook page to post photos of your family vacation. Personal social media profiles exist for a reason.

Your commercial social media pages should feature diverse content types, including questions for the audience, compelling product photos, hashtag campaigns, polls, live events, free giveaways, blogs, and original video content.

Put time and effort into crafting original content that sparks social media engagement. Social media drives user-generated content, which increases brand awareness, clicks, likes, shares, and sales.

It's essential to craft engaging content that's relevant to your audience. Otherwise, all your hard work won't get any traction. Invest in thorough market research to get a clear idea of what your audience really wants.

Your content must be optimized for the web, as well. Use video editors and image rotator tools to ensure you're using the right sizes for Instagram posts. Edit your media, so it fits right in with your brand.

Manage Your Social Media Theme

Remember, consistency is crucial for a successful social media strategy. What if you have too much content than you can keep up with? Growing brands have to consistently post fresh content and engage directly with tweets, mentions, DMs, and tags.

Ideally, you would have multiple people running your social media strategy with a comfort level with your social media plan, but what if you're wearing all the hats? You can use a social media management tool to schedule posts, monitor real-time activity, follow relevant accounts, and respond quickly to customer concerns.

Many social media management tools let you manage several different social media accounts from the same dashboard. Monitor both your Facebook and Twitter strategy in real-time without having to log into separate accounts. The amount of time you save with management apps is unbelievable.

Get Social

Social media is brimming with possibilities for businesses. Craft a compelling social media plan to discover the real benefits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Do you need more knowledge to grow your dreams? Check out the blog to soak in the latest tips and trends for your life.


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