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In recent years, several marketing models have gained popularity, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and CPI (Cost Per Install). And I want to highlight Pay Per Call as usual.  As a result, various digital marketing agencies have emerged and specialize in these models. 

Some of these agencies have managed to climb their way to the top of the list of the best digital marketing agencies in the world. ClickDealer is one of those agencies. It is the #1 CPA network in Europe and #4 globally according to mThink Blue Book. And according to Lasso and  OfferVault ClickDealer is the #1 Best Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Program of 2022. 

So What is ClickDealer?

ClickDealer was born in 2012  as a performance marketing company, has grown globally, and now works with over 2000 advertisers across 40+ verticals which include E-commerce, Health & Beauty, LeadGen, Mobile, Social and more, which translates to 16000+ offers to choose from.

ClickDealer is also a Pay-Per-Call affiliate network with over a decade of industry experience and expertise in managing Pay-Per-Call offers and inbound initiated calls.

Why choose Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-Per-Call is an advertising model where affiliates get paid for calls, usually, it requires a particular duration of that call. This vertical provides an opportunity to monetize affiliates’ traffic using the existing channels and promotional methods, the best types of traffic are Google and Facebook. 

Pay-Per-Call allows focusing on long-term and reliable campaigns, which means that you are not dependable on seasons or something else. After all, you are choosing an evergreen market for a long-run constancy, not for a fast profit. 

Key Advantages of ClickDealer Pay-Per-Call

Some of my friends, and affiliates, say that Pay-Per-Call qualified by ClickDealer gives some of the best ROI out of all forms of online marketing. So what makes them so good?

  • ClickDealer offers different verticals in Pay-Per-Call: car insurance, home services, flight booking, medicare, dentists, pest control, and HVAC.
  • ClickDealer works only with qualified and licensed call centers to ensure your leads are taken care of.
  • The call tracking software has the added benefit of allowing ClickDealer’s clients to gather valuable data on their target audience, giving them insights into new trends and allowing them to further fine-tune their sales tactics and their ideal target audience.
  • ClickDealer offers constant support on what is working or not, on the keywords and minus words, etc
  • Statistics and feedback are given frequently, allowing the affiliates to know what is working, as per their expectations. Advanced tracking systems guarantee payment for every referral leads the affiliates generate.

In addition, these things are multiplied many times over by the fact that you work with a famous and world-appreciated name. You can see for yourself and check all their awards and successful cases. So they have a huge experience, professional and passionate people, who can convert all these advantages into a profitable partnership and grow with you. 

Benefits from ClickDealer

  1. If you are not ready to start with Pay Per Call - you can try other verticals and niches. If you do not have much experience or don’t want to choose offers - you can try ClickDealer SmartLink -  it is a link that will redirect each individual user to the most suitable destination based on their location, device, and other data parameters, as well as on the dynamic eCPM of each path, thereby sending the specific traffic to the best performing creatives and offers for them. Simplified, the user clicks the link, the platform analyzes the click data, and then pulls up the most optimal offer.
  2. Timely Payments. Fortunately, ClickDealer is known for accurate and timely payouts. As an affiliate network, they know how important it is that affiliates get paid quickly - and they make sure their partners get paid as soon as possible.  Payout options include wire, PayPal, Tipalti, Paxum, etc

  3. ClickDealer uses its own, in-house platform - so the statistics are available any time as well as the technical support
  4. ClickDealer has a loyalty program to reward long-term business partnerships. Affiliates can run particular offers, which are included in the loyalty program - earn points and exchange them for luxurious prizes!
  5. Top-performing affiliates can also enjoy a host of perks, including bonus payouts, private parties, and other perks included in the VIP affiliate program.

We could continue this long list, but it is better to try their services on your own!

See if ClickDealer Affiliate Network is Right for you

ClickDealer is an innovative way to take your company’s business to the next level if you want to become their Advertiser. And ClickDealer is a reliable partner and a “profits booster” if you are an Affiliate or Publisher. Their name is well-known in the industry and their successful work is recognized by a lot of industry awards and ratings! So if you decide to try them - here is the registration link.

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