Can Services of Reputable Node JS Development Companies Be Cheap?

Can Services of Reputable Node JS Development Companies Be Cheap?

Experts claim Node JS quite quickly became a widespread tool for developing software after its appearance in 2009. EnterpriseAppsToday reports that this runtime environment (RE) was used by over 6.3 mln US websites in 2022. This makes Node the USA's most widely employed web development tool. Analysts explain the great popularity of this ER because of its numerous advantages.

Among the essential benefits, some analysts note the comparatively low price of Node software creation. However, other specialists say that only poor-quality applications may be cheap. That's why analysts decided to determine if a trustworthy Node JS development company (like Keenethics) can deliver low-cost products. So, let's get to the bottom of this.

Why Can Node JS Development Companies Offer Relatively Low Prices for Their Services?

Initially, it's noteworthy that the specified environment is comparatively simple to master and use. Consequently, credible IT agencies don't have to spend plenty of time, together with funds, to educate future Node developers or upskill the existing ones.

Single Programming Language Usage for Front- and Back-End Coding

This benefit allows for avoiding engaging separate programmers in the mentioned processes. Also, Node JS app creation demands less code and fewer files. It enables programmers to save loads of time, effort, as well as funds. As a result, the entire Node JS application cost is quite low compared with similar software created using other popular development tools.

Additionally, the mentioned RE stands out for its powerful performance. That's because the V8 JS engine converts JavaScript code directly to native code. Such a feature boosts the operation's speed and makes it resource-saving.

Incredibly Short Way to MVP

Node allows for the quick turning of a concept into a prototype, regardless of a project's complexity. This hastens the software assessment process. Consequently, developers may go faster to the next app-creation stage. As a result, Node JS development companies spend significantly less time fulfilling the entire project. The latter, for its part, reduces overall expenses.

Can Qualitative Node Software Be Blatantly Cheap?

Node JS pricing

While the described environment is pretty easy to learn and use, developers still need certain skills to create a good-quality app by employing it. Proficient specialists' services, in turn, are usually quite expensive.

Furthermore, Node application-making is nevertheless a pretty complex process. Probably, creating a code, in particular, is a relatively plain operation in this case. However, Node JS development agencies still have to pass all the stages of a standard app-creation process. This includes the following steps:

  1. Analyzing client business needs.
  2. Learning about similar solutions' features.
  3. Creating a code.
  4. Testing a ready-made product.
  5. Modifying an application (if necessary).
  6. Deploying an ultimate software version.

So, it takes effort to create a Node app if you approach the process in the right way. That's why only dubious IT firms can afford to constantly offer services for creating applications using the described RE at a blatantly low price.

So, How to Recognize Dishonest Node JS Developers


As was mentioned above, dubious IT firms usually propose cheap services. Reliable companies sometimes also deliver discounted Node app creation assistance as part of promotions, though. Thus, if you aren't sure about an IT agency's conscientiousness, pay attention to the following things additionally:

  • Availability of an official license – reputable developers work under permissions issued by authoritative commissions;
  • Co-operation conditions – trusted Node JS development companies always specify the final project price and clear deadlines in co-working agreements;
  • Agency clients' comments – search for feedback on credible online platforms.

Finally, you may view the portfolio of a selected IT agency. Reliable developers typically stand out for the comprehensive catalogs of projects they've successfully completed. Moreover, you can find well-known brands among the clients of trustworthy Node JS development companies. One may look through a portfolio of a reputable IT agency, for example, at

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