Call Tracking 101: How Does It Work For Your Business?

Call Tracking 101: How Does It Work For Your Business

Marketing is essential in every business, especially for those that are just starting out or working with small capital. However, most companies don’t have a limitless budget to fund their marketing campaigns. Therefore, they want to account for every cent they spend on boosting their sales.

One tool that calculating entrepreneurs can use is call tracking. It’s an affordable technology that links telephone numbers to specific offline and online advertising campaigns. Read on to discover the top ways your return on investment (ROI) can be enhanced when you get call tracking for your business.

1. Determines Where Your Calls Are Coming From

A call tracking service will provide your business with information about where your business phone calls are coming from, regardless of whether they’re from online or landline sources. You want the ability to trace your phone calls to understand your target customers better. As a result, you’ll know from what advertising campaign your customers learned about your business. This information is essential in getting a more profound understanding of who your customers are. Therefore, enabling you to better design your marketing approach.

2. Provides A Primary Source Of Lead Generation

Despite the increasing popularity of online apps, social media, and even live chats, telephone calls remain a popular way for customers to coordinate with businesses, according to results from a survey conducted by Moneypenny, a company offering phone answering services. It seems customers still prefer calling by phone when they want fast replies to their inquiries. Especially if they’re at the point of buying a product or closing a deal.

Thus, the telephone continues to be the leading source of high-quality leads. And tracking your business calls will give you valuable insight into your company's sales process. Results include what time your customers typically call, which marketing campaign they respond to, and what specific information they need.

3. Potentially Saves You Money 

Money is a crucial resource that many businesses lack. That’s why companies, particularly the small ones, are grateful for every bit of dollar and minute saved. With the help of call tracking, business owners will know which aspect of their promotional campaigns is working or which parts need more attention or require a different approach entirely. Without relevant information coming from call recording and tracing, you may still be allotting a large chunk of your budget to a marketing campaign that no longer works for your niche market.

The data from call tracking will help you make the right financial and marketing decisions in the long run. It may help boost your revenues and save you money that your business can use in other profitable endeavors.

Tracking Calls

4. Tracks Your Marketing ROI

No matter how much your advertising budget is, you want to know the return on investment of your marketing campaigns. With the help of call tracking, you can evaluate your online advertising and optimization efforts.

This tool will provide data on where your phone leads are coming from, pinpointing their precise geographical location. This way, you can better see if you’re generating new customers through Google Ads, organic traffic from your SEO efforts, email marketing, or television and radio ads. You can also check whether the flyers or pamphlets you’ve sent out are still effective. Such details will help you decide how you’ll proceed with your future campaigns and guide you in reaching untapped leads.

5. Assesses Employee Engagement With Customers

Most call tracking applications allow for the recording of sales and customer service conversations. You need these recordings to evaluate your employees’ interaction and engagement with customers. You’ll be able to glean many things from this, including whether your company’s customer service policy is effective and which of your employees are doing their jobs properly.

By listening to the calls, you can quickly discern the best practices for your customer service and sales agents that your company can adopt. You’ll also learn what areas your underperforming employees are struggling with, and from there you can create a good training program to help them improve.

6. Offers Call Forwarding Capabilities

Call tracking solutions typically enable call forwarding. This feature is crucial to your business because you can quickly reroute calls to the appropriate person to handle a particular client.

For example, suppose that your customer support agents have difficulty answering client inquiries. In that case, they can easily forward the calls to their supervisors or the right person by using call forwarding. It’s a feature that helps ensure your business won’t lose a customer or an opportunity to close a sale.

The Bottom Line

Businesses need reliable data to analyze the results of their marketing campaigns. Call tracking is one affordable tool that can provide companies with a treasure trove of data that’ll help them explore their offline and online advertising efforts. Additionally, call tracking information can provide details that can be useful in employee management and training. Indeed, there’s no better time than now to invest in a call tracking system to boost your bottom line.

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