Best Ways To Build Links & Improve Your Website’s Performance

Best Ways To Build Links & Improve Your Website’s Performance

Whenever it comes to optimizing your websites, you need to start with link building and backlinking. Using links is one of the golden rules of search engine optimization (SEO) and google cares about linking. In the simplest form, a link insertion connects your article to something else, preferably something that makes sense.

There are several different types of links that you can use for your websites, including backlinking and outbound linking, and this article is going to explain both of them. Additionally, we’ll also talk about using links as a way to improve the performance of your site as well.

How Do You Link?

You’ve probably encountered hyperlinks before, where a website or email has blue text that you can click on. Typically these texts will send you to a website where you can find more information about a topic, or go to a webpage where you can interact with it. For example, a link on the phrase ‘buy now’ might cause you to go to a store page or a shopping cart whenever you click on it.

Links are pretty easy to install, and the ones that send you to other websites or Amazon store pages are outbound links. These links take you out of the original website and towards another one, and can be useful for affiliate marketing and other strategies. Inbound links, or backlinks, take people to another area of your website.

Linking is Very Easy

All you need to do is drag your mouse over the text until it is highlighted blue, and then either right-click or use the keyboard commands to open the link box. Copy and paste the link you want into that box, hit enter, and that creates a link! Nothing else to it, and you can do it for both your own website and for links on other web pages as well.

However, if you find all this challenging, it would be best to contact Getmentioned team, which offers link-building services for online businesses. Their speed and consistency make your efforts easier. Once you get into using linking, it can be very hard not to paint your entire webpage blue and fill it with links!

How Do You Build Links?

For links, you need to think about connections between websites. For outbound links, you might want to connect to other websites that are similar to yours. Maybe not linking to your direct competitors, but other websites are perfectly fine. For example, if you have a website about cars and are writing about a specific type of car or engine, you might want to link to more general concepts so your article can focus on the specifics.

For inbound links, you need to be looking at all your content. Not just the content with your blog, but everything. You can link to landing pages, your ‘about me' page, and your contact info page. Every single page on your website is something to potentially be linked to, and you might even use your links to create a sales funnel to direct your customers where you want them to go.

How To Improve Your Website’s Performance With Links

But links aren’t just ways to break up your text and send people to your affiliate pages, they can also be a way to vastly improve the performance of your website without doing a lot of extra work. If you can find places on the internet that are going to link to your website, then it will be a form of performance PR and can bring people from very popular websites to your smaller website.

Backlinks are able to improve how many people see your website and it often brings a strong level of trust to your website. After all, if a large and impressive website in your niche is connecting to yours, then yours must have some value and merit right?

Focus On Affiliate Marketing

If you want to get started with building trust with your customers and also start using backlinks correctly, then you might want to start affiliate marketing with your website or blog. It doesn’t take too much to become an affiliate for bigger websites like Amazon or work with smaller products or services that you appreciate and want to review.

This allows you to build links with a purpose, and also might get you some extra money whenever someone makes a purchase!

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