Best Places to Get Married in Ontario

Best Places to Get Married in Ontario

A wedding is one of the biggest steps in our lives. You can say, it’s more like a beginning to a new life. So, it’s crucial that you make this day worth remembering.

Well, Ontario is famous for making weddings worth remembering. And it even has some of the most astounding venues where you can also organize your wedding in a grand style.

So, here in this blog, we’ve shortlisted the top best places to get married in Ontario and celebrate a grand wedding ceremony worth remembering.

8 Best Places to Get Married in Ontario

So, here in this section, we’ll let you know some of the best places and venues in Ontario that can be an ideal wedding destination for you. All of these venues are great for wedding photography. Therefore, don’t miss out on any of these reviews, as they’ll aid you in picking the best venue to tie your knots.

Royal Ambassador Event Centre

The Royal Ambassador Event Centre is an astounding venue in Ontario, and it’s pretty famous among locals for its amazing outdoor wedding hosting facilities.

This aesthetic venue is located in one of Caledon's most friendly and aesthetic villages and is also an ideal choice for couples to tie their knots.

Moreover, the Royal Ambassador will surely exceed your overall expectations, whether you want your wedding ceremony to be in a peaceful outdoor environment or even near the banks of the Innis Lake.

In short, the venue itself is an iconic landmark for any newly married couple.

Windermere House

Without question, Windermere House is another most remarkable venue to have a wedding to remember. It’s located on the shores of Lake Rosseau in the very heart of Muskoka (one of the famous areas well-recognized for its marvelous natural beauty).

The best part about this venue is It has a unique mix of luxury and rustic elegance and is also a remarkable place to capture dazzling photos.

Moreover, the inside of this venue is also pretty unique, and it even has several beautiful rooms inside that can hold up to 150 people.

That’s not all; the grounds are also set up for a charming ceremony and reception outside.

Country Heritage Park

If you want your wedding to be in a non-traditional venue, this is a must-see. Whether you and your better half love adventure or art, Country Heritage Park can surely aid you in bringing that passion to reality by hosting your entire wedding uniquely.

Country Heritage Park is a famous venue for outdoor activities. It is located in a rural part of Ontario. There are several unique venues here where you can arrange your wedding ceremony. For example, the meadow beside the Cassin Family Farmstead, Gambrel Barn, or Mayne Corners United Church.

However, make sure you ask your photographer to take some aesthetic clicks, especially of the sunset at the reception at Gambrel Barn.

Vineland Estates

The Vineland Estates Winery is a one-of-a-kind place to have a wedding, and it only takes an hour to get to from Toronto.

This venue is located in the middle of the Niagara Escarpment. It offers remarkable views of the surrounding countryside. The grounds are even splendid for outdoor events and even for romantic walks.

The overall service here is remarkable, and if you want a small and cozy wedding ceremony, then this is the place you keep on your list.

Evergreen Brick Works

This is your place if you want peace in your wedding ceremony. This beautiful venue in central Toronto is one of the most peaceful and elegant places to get married in Ontario.

It has the perfect outdoor setting that not only makes your wedding memorable. However, it also ensures you a soothing and calm environment to breathe from the wedding stress.

You’ll also find different beautiful places here, like CRH Gallery & Koerner Gardens and Frances and Tim Price Terrace, where you can click some astounding and aesthetic wedding clicks.

Paletta Mansion

If you are into Mansions, then Paletta Mansion is a great place for your dream wedding. Located in Burlington, Paletta Mansion will give you both luxury and nature.

Originally the mansion was an affluent local family’s residence. The owners maintained it very well and later opened it for weddings. If the number of attendees is not more than 100, there are not too many better options than the Paletta Mansion.

The venue has other services like catering, decoration, couple suites, and many more.

Cambium Farms

Cambium Farms is easily one of the most beautiful venues on this list. It is an internationally acclaimed venue situated at Caledon. With a 4500 sq ft area, The Barn at Cambium Farms has been serving a range of events, including weddings, for almost 150 years.

If you invite many people to attend your big day, The Barn would be a great option. For smaller weddings, you have another option named The Carriage House.

Among other options, you can choose from The Farmhouse and The Byre. Plus, the DJ booth and the country-style bar will make the event way more festive.

Belcroft Estate

Couples who prefer destination weddings can look into Belcroft Estate. It’s only 50 minutes away from Toronto, and accessibility won’t be an issue either. In Gilford, Belcroft Estate has two wedding venues: Marquee Tent and Century Barn.

Both the venues have almost the same facilities, with the Marquee Tent having a higher capacity of 225 guests compared to 150 of the Century Barn.

You’ll also get DJ, catering, and AGCO facilities should you decide to have your wedding at the Belcroft Estate.


Ontario has a plethora of great wedding venues. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, you’ll find a venue to get married at in Ontario. There are plenty of options to bring your dream to reality. In this list, we have the best 8 wedding venues in Ontario as per our research.

However, that does not mean the other venues that didn’t make our list are not good. Especially venues like Liberty Grand and Casa Loma are stunning as well.

Before you book a venue, we would suggest you visit multiple venues. Compare them with each other to get the best venue at the best rate. Don’t forget to book the venue as early as possible, as venue prices tend to go higher with late bookings.

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