Best Apps to Travel Around a Country

Best Apps to Travel Around a Country

When we travel around the world, we always need some technological aids that allow us to know the destination without problems. Nowadays, thanks to many apps, we can have everything at hand. To help you make the most out of your trip, here are the best travel apps:

1. Minube

This is an app where thousands of people who like to travel share their experiences and recommendations. It is a social network specialized only in travelers' experiences to help you decide about your trip.

This app includes suggestions for tours and guided visits according to your preferences. In each section, you can consult the testimonials of those who have taken that type of tour.

2. Flush

This is an app that indicates where the nearest restrooms are located. Although it is focused on the United States, it is believed that this app will soon be expanded to more countries so that you will never again have to struggle with this urgency.

3. Photosynth

Photosynth is one of the most outstanding travel apps of the moment. Nowadays, recording every minute and experience seems essential for uploading to social networks. This application allows us to create incomparable photographic compositions from a 360º angle. This software analyzes several photographs of the same landscape to achieve its goal, forming a three-dimensional model among them.


This map application allows you to download maps by geographical areas and is ideal for use without Internet access. This will enable you to explore countries with limited or paid Internet access. It allows you to calculate the best route to move from one place to another.

5. Around me

It is an app that helps in any unexpected situation. Thanks to its locator, it is able to identify where you are and offers you available options for whatever you need. From hotels, hospitals, theaters, places to park, and much more.

6. SAS Survival Guide

This is a travel app that offers hundreds and hundreds of survival tips. Although you won't always find yourself in an emergency, it's always good to know a few tricks.

7. Wikitude Drive

Wikitude Drive is one of the most popular travel apps for traveling. It is perfect for those who do not speak the local language of the city they are visiting and for those who prefer to avoid interacting with strangers while traveling. With it, you will have the opportunity to learn more about your surroundings. It is enough to use the camera on your cell phone.

It also gives you all the necessary information about stores, ATMs, hotels, and everything you need.

8. TripIt

TripIt is one of the travel apps that may interest you if you are one of those people who need help planning. It will collect all the confirmation emails and create simple itineraries that will be very practical for you.

9. Touchnote

If you like to send postcards to your friends and family while traveling, this app allows you to create your own designs from the photos you take at your destination. The shipping price is very similar to buying a paper postcard and paying for it along with a stamp. This app allows you to keep a souvenir of your trip that can be uploaded to the cloud and kept there forever.

But remember that before downloading all your travel apps, it is essential that you have the mandatory travel documents to enter the country. For example, to travel to Singapore, you may need a Singapore e-visa.

If you are coming from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, you will need this document to enter the country.

This document is valid for 60 days after its issuance. It is a multiple-entry visa; however, you can only stay in Singapore for a maximum of 15 days per entry.

The system we have at eVisa has simplified the travel experiences of millions of vacationers and business people. Apply today and start planning your trip to Singapore.

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