Best 5 Gadgets that Boost Your Productivity

Best 5 Gadgets that Boost Your Productivity

Most successful people are in a constant search for productivity boost opportunities, trying to come up with their perfect productivity formula. Someone gets additional energy from sports, someone has great time management skills, and someone opts for digital work assistants. The last option is the one we're going to talk about today.

Modern technologies do not stand still, and today there are more and more devices for productivity increase. What gadgets can help you achieve your cherished productivity level and help you get the job done efficiently? There are 5 interesting devices you are welcome to consider.

Top 5 Devices for Productivity and Inspiration Boost



So, let's get started with choosing the devices that will help you work in a more productive mode. Most of them are pretty innovative and intend to solve the issue of productivity boost in a non-standard way.

That’s why less tech-savvy users may have questions about choosing the right gadget and setting it up. In this case, reach out to the experts on the site - they will help you with specific questions regarding the product choice and its customization to meet your productivity goal.

And now, let’s take a look at the latest home and office innovations for better productivity and more enjoyable workflows.

1. Charging Stand

While working, many people use laptops and smartphones at the same time. And often, many are faced with the fact that a low charge of a gadget can disrupt the entire workflow. Today there are many devices that allow you to quickly charge your gadget without any wires.

You can easily find such devices for your iPhone and Android smartphones. All you have to do is place your gadget on the stand. In this case, you will always have your calls and emails at your fingertips and everything you need from your smartphone. Now the process of charging a device with this type of tool will not affect your productivity and will allow you to continue working.

2. Saent

Concentrating on work is equally difficult both in the office and at home, especially when there are so many interesting sites on the Internet that can take you away from work for a few hours. At the same time, you may not even notice how the deadlines are coming. This device is a perfect choice for those who notice that they spend a lot of time on the Internet instead of working.

With just one click, this tool will eliminate all digital distractions that may distract you from your work tasks. Such a gadget will leave access only for those apps that help be productive and efficient at work. The advantage of this gadget is its compact size, which allows you to take it with you anywhere. Isn't this what you need for those who like to work in a cafe or while traveling?

Saent device connects with your laptop via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth plus is coupled with the app that allows for setting productivity goals, work, and rest sessions, tracking your progress, and planning your time beyond the office.

3. FeelZing Energy Patch

Another interesting device worth testing in the pursuit of productivity is the neurostimulation patch. The manufacturer claims that this patch will help improve concentration and energy. It is a good alternative for coffee lovers as it does not have the side effects like this energy drink.

As for the effectiveness of this device, there are studies that show its results. Also, this patch can be reused. Therefore, it is worth trying to reboot your productivity in this way.

4. ChargeWrite+

Looking for a universal helper? This one little thing can be a real salvation in some cases. As the name implies, this device offers two functions. Namely, you can write and also charge your smartphone. And this is not the only interesting function. It's worth noting that you'll also get 16GB of storage to store all the vital data.

The advantage of this device is its compact size. Also, the pen has a stylus for your smartphone, which can make the process of taking notes on your smartphone even easier. The lightweight and functionality of the device are all why you should pay attention to this gadget.

5. Kinesis Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Most office workers spend the major part of the day typing the code, writing the documents, chatting with business partners, candidates, and so on. And the wrongly chosen keyboard can create a lot of inconveniences.

If you've been considering upgrading your keyboard to improve productivity and typing for a long time, then you need to consider the Kinesis Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Split model. It has an interesting design and compact size. Users also note that the printing process using this device is much more pleasant. Therefore, if you often have to work with text, this is a must-have for your productivity.

By the way, those working from home and used to working at night are also welcome to consider ergonomic keyboard models with additional lighting. Most of them are designed in such a way to make bling typing fast, effortless and error-free.

Wrapping Up

Choose suitable devices and boost your productivity. There is no doubt that one from the list will improve your working process and get the desired feeling of accomplishing all the tasks on time and with pleasure.

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