TOP 10 gadgets that will make your business more efficient

TOP 10 gadgets that will make your business more efficient

The world of high tech gadgets is taking over more and more spheres of public and business life every day. The entrepreneurial and business environment has unlimited prospects in this arena. Modern tech gadgets can help to significantly simplify standard operations, increase communication mobility, and increase awareness via marketing. When looking at ways to make your business more efficient there are many options.  To see an extensive list, learn more at keepitportableIn this post, we'll look at a number of leading edge electronic or mobile gadgets that will make your business more efficient and bring great benefits to users and companies.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are just as essential as our smartphones, which require recharging several times a day.

A special panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy. Then it goes to the built-in power source and you can charge your phone. Power supply units are compact and simple to use. The main drawback of such devices is a long recovery of energy from the sun. However, you can charge it from the network.

Miracle Pen Recorder Pen

A group of Korean designers came up with an amazing gadget called Recorder Pen, which saves and turns handwritten text into electronic text. The process of writing with this pen is no different from the usual one. However, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology, it scans and transmits text to your computer or phone in the recognized electronic version.


Microsoft has developed Microsoft HoloLens - smart glasses for working with holograms in augmented reality. Unlike the similar Google Glass device, which was positioned as glasses for gamers, Microsoft offers to use its device for creative work when designing goods or structures.

Apple Watch

No doubt, this device will interest many successful businessmen and managers. Control is implemented on the touch screen and using the wheel, which serves as the main button. The watch syncs with the iPhone, so it goes very accurately. The watch allows you to communicate with contacts via chat, mail, and voice communication; sends alerts and reminders, has voice input, and a constant personal assistant (Siri). Third-party developers can create other apps for this watch.

Smartphone with a projector

Lenovo has developed a new smartphone with a laser projector that allows you to create a projection of the touch screen or keyboard on any flat surface. Similar innovations have already been introduced to the digital market, but they only repeated the functions of a conventional projector. Lenovo's solution is more unusual. The Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone has the function of projecting the touchscreen onto the table surface, turning it into a virtual keyboard.

Myo - the mouse of the future

When you give a presentation to potential clients, the main thing is to impress your audience. And here you can consider the Myo gadget. This is a Bluetooth wristband that reads your gestures and lets you control your presentation. This bracelet completely replaces the mouse and remote control, making it one of the key gadgets that will make your business more efficient.

Mustek mobile scanner

Mustek iScan Air (S400W) allows you to scan documents and images in real-time by connecting to your computer via Wi-Fi. During scanning, the processed files are automatically saved on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The charge is enough to scan 400 sheets.

The data will be saved to your computer in JPEG or PDF format. The gadget is compatible with PC, iPad, Macbook, iPhone, and Android. The device is functional and very compact. It can easily be stored in a backpack or even a purse.

Multi-touch projector

Smart LightRaise 60wi allows you to project an image on the screen diagonally up to 100 inches. In this case, the speaker can control their presentation by tapping. The projector does not blind your eyes and supports multi-point input mode. Ideal for presentations to a small audience, as well as for halls up to 100 people. The only drawback is that this gadget is not mobile and it does require wall mounting.


Robots are no longer a fantasy, but a real marketing tool. Modern robot-promoters have become available to many. Therefore, if you need good advertising in a shopping center or at an exhibition, this is a great option for attracting attention.

Flexible keyboard

It is very convenient if you need to type text or work with numbers. Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. There are options for all operating systems. This gadget is easy to fold, roll into a tube, and has waterproof properties.

Together these are all key new tech gadgets that will make your business more efficient.  Productivity is key in this day and age and gadgets can help.

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