Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers For Your Business

Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers For Your Business

Even with the exponential growth of modern digital communication platforms, the handy dandy telephone is still somehow preferred by a lot of people. Home phones still beat mobile phones and digital communication when it comes to reliability and signal strength. That’s why having a company phone number for customer service still beats email and social media contacts.

Fortunately, you no longer need to have physical lines in your office just to answer calls. While answering calls is important, these days, technology has made it possible to have virtual phone numbers which is a pretty neat feature. Let’s talk more about that in this article.

Lower chances of missing calls

With a virtual phone number or an alternate phone number, you will most likely never miss a call again. Why? It’s simple really. The call received by virtual phone numbers gets routed to whatever device you have available. This includes your mobile phone, desk phone, and your laptop. So if there’s an important call, it will transfer to whatever device you’re likely able to answer from first.

You can even opt for a multiple device diversion. This means calls you can’t personally take at the moment can transfer to multiple employees. So, whoever is free to take the call at the time can do so. This means customers and potential clients no longer have to try several phone numbers just to reach someone. Thereby taking away that frustration point.

Allows you to get multiple phone numbers at a lower price

It’s a known fact that virtual phone numbers are cheaper to maintain than conventional ones. Plus, regardless of how many numbers you buy, you’re only paying for one connection. This means subscribing to virtual phone numbers is actually great especially if you’re just starting out.

Virtual phone numbers are also useful if you need to create multiple accounts on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Tinder. SMS-man offers virtual phone numbers to receive SMS online and use them to bypass phone number verification and create unlimited accounts for any social media, application or site.

But do take note that even if the phone bill isn’t that high anymore, you have to keep a pretty solid internet connection. Otherwise, it can be difficult for you to continue to receive and make calls using your virtual number.

It’s perfect for customization

Aside from cost-efficiency, perhaps one of the best benefits of having a virtual phone number is the freedom to get custom numbers. Through custom virtual numbers, you can generate brand recall. Which then makes the transaction easier and more seamless for your customers and your staff. This is a neat feature for large companies but at the same time small business owners who are still struggling to get in the market.

Allows for smoother remote work setup

Before 2020, remote working was an option (almost) exclusively availed of by startups and businesses owned by young, future-looking entrepreneurs. However, the onset of COVID-19 has shed some light on the importance of being able to run a business offsite. Along with this emerged numerous tools to empower business owners, and their employees to discharge their duties and job functions remotely.

Your work-from-anywhere kit should include a virtual phone number. How many times do you think your office landline rang with no one to pick it up during the course of the pandemic? Those calls were leads that could convert to paying businesses, if you had a virtual phone number.

Easy to set up and use

If you’re worried that setting up remote phone numbers is difficult, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

You don't even have to purchase a different sim or additional hardware to hook your mobile phone up to a virtual business number. The entire setup process should be provided by your virtual phone number provider as part of your subscription.

Brick and mortar offices might not become completely obsolete during this lifetime, but remote work will surely continue its dominance in the coming years. Even post-pandemic. It’s better to equip your business with provisions like a virtual business phone number to ensure that your business can ride the times instead of getting left behind by it.


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