Beginner Tips for Creating an Automated Webinar

Beginner Tips for Creating an Automated Webinar

How to set up an automated webinar?

How can I make it effective in reaching out to my target audience?

Will it be worth the effort and the costs?

Automated webinars are one of the popular and convenient types of webinars. You can use them to establish your brand and generate leads. However, creating an effective automated webinar might be a bit challenging as a first-timer.

But don't panic yet! You just need a few expert tips to create a successful automated webinar and achieve your brand goals.

Automated Webinars vs. Live Webinars

Live and automated can both be used to create evergreen webinars that you can play recurringly. However, in a live webinar, you’ll have to host a live event and record your presentation first. Then, your recorded video will become an on-demand webinar that people can watch anytime.

When it comes to the automated type, it is basically a pre-recorded webinar video that can automatically be broadcasted whenever you schedule it. You won't have to present live. Instead, you just have to create your presentation comfortably and do the editing to make it flawless.

5 Expert Tips To Ensure Automated Webinar Success

An automated webinar can give you automated leads and income. However, you have to make the presentation perfect so you can maximize its benefits. You might not have the experience yet. But stop worrying about not meeting your goals. With these useful tips, you can achieve automated webinar success like a pro:

1. Make Your Webinar Presentation Visually Appealing

If you will use your video repetitively, you have to make it appealing in the eyes of your audience. Otherwise, they will less likely watch your presentation. They might lose interest from the moment they see the design and not even listen to what you want to say. So, choose the right color combinations and create a simple layout for your webinar. Plus, avoid using dark colors for your background to make the text readable and understandable.

2. Provide an Informative Content For Your Webinar Attendees

Compared to live webinars where there's audience interaction, automated webinars can be challenging to manage. You have to ensure that your webinar recording is well done to keep your attendees engaged. Besides the visual appearance, you also have to make the content interesting and useful to them. People are less likely to attend and listen to broadcasts that won't give them benefits. So, choose the right topic for your content and don't focus on the sales pitch.

3. Create an Easy to Navigate Webinar Landing Page

The webinar landing page is the first thing that your potential attendees will see when they decide to click the registration link. So, you have to make it appealing to ensure they don't change their minds. Besides that, you should give them a good experience by providing a registration page that is easy to navigate and creating a visible CTA.

4. Make Your Offer Urgent

Unlike live webinars, pre-recorded videos don't usually seem urgent for many people. But without urgency, people will be less likely to make decisions about purchasing your products or services early. If you let them take too much time, they can end up not buying your offer at all. For this reason, you have to add urgency to your automated webinar by providing your attendees great deals at a limited time. Even if you are not hosting live, they will feel rushed about grabbing a great deal before the promo period runs out.

5. Use the Right Webinar Tools

There are many automated webinar platforms that are free. However, the free version won't give you the best webinar features you need. So, choose wisely and don't settle for less. Consider investing in an automated webinar service that will make your sales funnel convenient. In addition, look for the automated webinar software that will allow you to do and attain the following:

  • Schedule your webinar according to the day and time you want
  • Automatically set your schedule to different timezones
  • Broadcast your video in HD and give your audience an excellent presentation
  • Track your webinar statistics and see your efforts pay off
  • Use the video format you need for your presentation
  • Give mobile users a great experience when they attend your event
  • Run automated presentation like a live webinar
  • Achieve your brand goals

Start Creating Your Automated Webinar

Being a beginner in anything is not easy. However, there's always a first time for everything, and doing something unfamiliar doesn't necessarily have to end as a failure. Even though you don't have the experience, as long as you learn expert tips, be wise about your choices, and use the best webinar platform, you can make things work. Thus, start preparing for your first automated webinar and do your best to make it successful.

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