Why you should be advertising on LinkedIn?

Why you should be advertising on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn isn’t everyone’s first thought when mentioning digital or social media advertising. Nevertheless, LinkedIn is a marketing channel that B2B brands should utilize and advertise. LinkedIn is the primary business social media platform that connects you and your business with professionals worldwide. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to reach decision-makers directly by building brand awareness across key professional audiences.

Most marketers say that targeting options are the most important factor when choosing an advertising format. LinkedIn advertising is a valuable marketing tool for several marketers with goals including generating leads, building brand awareness, or driving sales. LinkedIn can use different ad formats and targeting to reach several audiences. LinkedIn has several unique advantages, and it can be the right channel for growing your business and helping to attract new customers depending on your business and marketing goals.

This blog discusses the 3 benefits of LinkedIn advertising and how you can add it to your digital marketing strategy.

#1 -LinkedIn Advertising Ad Formats

You’ll be familiar with several ad formats if you advertise on other social media platforms. LinkedIn, just like its competitor platforms, provide sponsored ads for brands to use in generating more exposure, clicks, and impressions. Furthermore, within LinkedIn advertising, there is an option of using images, video, or promoted content ads. However, most businesses stay traditional by using image ads. Below is a list that outlines the type of LinkedIn ad formats

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the least personalized approach; however, depending on the objective, it can work well. Sponsored content ad formats are suitable for promoting organic content already posted on your LinkedIn page to engage users, inviting them to read, comment, or like your content and follow your brand.

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is a mail tool for businesses that allows integration to target and reach users within LinkedIn’s internal messaging tool. The messages can be very effective, having high open and click-through rates.

Video Ads

Video ads help a brand tell its story to numerous LinkedIn users to build brand awareness, generating high-quality leads. You can set up a remarketing audience from the videos to see those who watch at least 50% or 75% of the video. Afterward, you can retarget such an audience with carousel or lead form ads, thus, building a conversion funnel with your ads.

Text Ads

You can select your target audience and set your budget without any long-term commitment with text ads. Also, it allows paying for the ads that work. Therefore, you only pay per click or impression.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a visual approach to advertising. The ad formats help you capture your audience’s attention, using 10 cards that include your ad copy and high-quality images. Furthermore, carousel ads are an excellent format for driving traffic to a site and increasing sales for brands.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads use a personalized approach for LinkedIn advertising. The ad format allows full customization of an ad to an audience by showing users photos, titles, and company names within the advertisement.

Display Ads

Display ads are essential for reaching and engaging the right buyers, building your brand in the LinkedIn desktop experience’s premium content. In addition, from LinkedIn, you are guaranteed impressions directly, reaching your specific audience at a set price.

#2 - Generating Quality Leads Through LinkedIn advertising.

A major benefit of LinkedIn is the opportunity for B2B brands to generate high-quality leads. Reaching the correct decision-makers is more important in B2B; therefore, businesses need to find where decision-makers spend time online. Since LinkedIn users are surrounded by professional content and news, there is a likelihood of searching for possible services and products for their business. Also, professionals pay more attention to relevant ads that provide solutions to some of their problems.

Although most social media advertising focuses on generating awareness and leads, it is impossible to convert them into customers without nurturing. Email messages are a lead nurturing technique; however, it can be more effective with LinkedIn. You can use the Lead Accelerator feature through LinkedIn advertising. The feature helps businesses track high-value prospects, directly offering more targeted ads to them. Furthermore, the feature includes remarketing to recent website visitors, helping nurture leads, and increasing their likelihood of converting to customers.

#3 - Providing Options For LinkedIn Advertising Targeting

As earlier mentioned, choosing a social media platform for advertising depends on how to ensure your brand message reaches your target audience. Targeting options on social media platforms are different. For instance, Facebook focuses on interest and behavior-based factors while LinkedIn focuses on targeting people based on industry-specific variables. LinkedIn’s variables when targeting your ads include industry, company name, company size, job title, and job function. Other variables include seniority, skills, and degree type.

The specific targeting options make advertising on LinkedIn an ideal platform for brands seeking to target B2B customers and getting their brand shown to decision-makers.

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