A Guide To Facebook Ads: Effective and Economic

facebook ads effecive

Many people are going to tell you that Facebook ads are a waste of money and that organic reach is dead, too.

They aren’t exactly wrong, but there is a lot more to the story! Anytime somebody tells you that a platform is over, yet that platform is still being used by the majority of people on the planet, then look at that as an opportunity.

Where others see dread, you should see success. Facebooks ads are tougher to succeed with, that is true. With the right strategy, they can be as effective as ever and not cost a fortune, either.

Things change and those that can’t keep up will go to any excuse. Instead, follow this guide and your Facebook ad campaign will pay dividends.

Have a Facebook Ads strategy

If you open up the ads manager, it will be quite overwhelming. Before you do that, come up with some ideas on how you want your campaign to work. This way you can sift through the manager options and focus on only what you need to see your strategy through.

Understand who you want to target, why that person would want your product or service and what you want them to do after they’ve viewed your ad.

Choose a medium

You have a choice between text only, text and picture or video. Now, let me say that you should just use video. It is the most effective way to engage your target audience and is going to have more of a chance of going viral.

Use a software like to make some short yet engaging videos cheaply and quickly.

With a software like that, your videos will look professional and people will want to stop scrolling and watch. 

They can also be very cost effective as you may have the choice of making it a performance video which means you only pay as much as it is clicked.

When people watch and share, it can go viral. Which is all free. You are only paying for the initial view and anything that happens after is organic and you won’t be charged. Make video ads and watch your conversion rate jump.

Have an objective

Many people struggle with their Facebook ads and spend too much because they don’t have a clear call to action. They pay for clicks but they don’t convert.

If you have a clear objective then you need to make sure you communicate that through the ad.

Do you want people to sign up for an email list? Do you want them to fill in a form? Or purchase a product? If you don’t know what you want them to do, then your ad serves no purpose.

The best option is to send people to sign up for an email list. This is mainly because people are not in buying mode when they are on Facebook. By getting them on your list, you can continuously market to them for free.


The most effective way to use your ads is to set pixels up so when people view your ad, they take the pixel with them everywhere. Your ad will follow them as they surf the web and help you stay on their minds.

To do this effectively, use your first campaign to create an audience. You can use the data from this campaign to see who engaged the most. Then use this data to target that look alike audience with your next ad. 

Then with the pixel in place, you will have exactly the person that is most likely to convert in your loop.

Choose your time and place

You can get very specific about when and how the ad is displayed. Pick a few areas on the Facebook page and see which one performs best. Then for your second campaign, focus on that area as that is where you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Time of day is also important. If you see that your target audience is on the West Coast, it makes little sense to have ads display when people on the East Coast are going to see it.

Always be testing

If you aren’t testing then you are wasting money. It is as simple as that. Running a campaign without testing means that much of the money you spend is not properly targeted.

When you run split tests, you can see which ad is performing better with the people that you want to see the ad. Luckily, Facebook gives you the option to split test. 

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