A DDoS Has Been Planning To Disrupt Your Servers. Be Ready Before It Causes Any Damage!

A DDoS Has Been Planning To Disrupt Your Servers

A DoS(Denial of Service) attack is a phenomenon in which the hackers disrupt the organic traffic of any website or application. They do this by overwhelming the website. It is called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) when this disruption occurs from multiple sources. DDoS is difficult to crack and restrict as it has numerous source attacks making it a nexus of multiple attacks. DDoS attacks can even target different layers of any website or application, which is exciting yet distressing. Let’s dive deeper into it and find out how hiring a CISA certification expert can save you from cyber crimes!

Two Types Of DDoS Attacks 

  • Infrastructure Level Attacks: This includes attacks on the server where the networks experience overload. Thus, curbing the operations. These attacks are more significant in dimension but still are easy to detect and cure. Examples of such attacks are Synchronized (SYN) floods and User Datagram Package (UDP).
  • Application Level Attacks: This includes attacking the user and applications of the website via ceasing data and further obstructing the users’ access to the website. These attacks are generally more sophisticated and small in volume but are more critical to the website as these are difficult to detect. These attacks mainly include WordPress Pingback attacks and HTTP or Bot traffic on the websites.

How To Prevent DDoS Attacks?

There are several ways to immune your website from such attacks:

  1. Reducing the surface area prone to such attacks is one way to reduce the probability of falling prey to such attacks. The process includes ensuring that you do not expose servers to portals from where you expect no or bleak communications. This would limit the sources or gateways for attacks, thus protecting the websites and the data.
  2. Increasing the transit and server space can also help save the website from attacks. Have a proper internet connection with the host to facilitate the traffic on the platform. Also, have the capability to increase the server space of the website. Thus making attacks ineffective as you still hold the organic traffic. Specific features such as extensive network interfaces can make it possible.
  3. Understanding and refining legitimate traffic is another way to save the website from such attacks.
  4. Lastly, building a firewall against such attacks might use the websites' vulnerability with any wrong intention.

Wrapping up!

These are just a few ways attackers may target your website, but there are also many more ways. These attacks have the potential to cause huge losses. So, it’s important to gain some knowledge and enroll yourself in one of the best cyber security training courses. This helps you understand and counter any attacks from the web, and thus, your business can run seamlessly. You can also hire experts with CISA certification to stay safe from such attacks. You must take these issues seriously. Don’t be too late to understand that cyber attacks will cause harm to your company or applications.

Moreover, a nation always needs cybersecurity experts to prevent confidential and important data from thefts. Cyber theft and cybercrimes are unsafe for everyone. Prepare yourself in advance to ensure you stay safe!

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