A Compact Guide To Tactical SEO

A Compact Guide To Tactical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) evolves as search engines refine their algorithms. It’s a never-ending process, so if you think you’ve already mastered everything SEO related, you may want to reconsider that thought.

Currently, one of the trending approaches in the search engine optimization field is tactical SEO. It’s an approach, or a tactic if you may, that’s more focused on reacting to the changes and updates in the search industry.

Blindly using online ad services has been a problem in recent years. For example, pay-per-click (PPC) needs to be more robust in results than the amount people need to spend. According to most online businesses, seven out of ten companies benefit from SEO compared to PPC. This is the reason you should switch to tactical SEO.

Tactical SEO focuses on customers, structured content, and search engine algorithm. Because of these three things, this SEO approach prioritizes knowing effective keyword phrases. Primarily, tactical SEO is tailored toward online business as it dramatically helps with online sales funnels.

To know more on how to start with tactical SEO, continue reading.

Focus On Long Tail Keyword Research

SEO starts with keyword research. Sounds simple, correct? Nope. Unlike before, using keyword planners and getting two to three-worded keywords isn’t enough. Now you should know that five-worded key phrases are crucial. After all, four out of ten searches done nowadays have five words in total.

Not to mention that it can be futile to battle against leaders who have dominated one to two-word keywords. And in case you’re in that kind of situation, you may want to learn how to get over that through the help of experts like this Portland SEO company.

Focus On Search Intent

Don’t just collect key phrases that are related to your business or topics. Get the ones that align with you and your customer’s intent. Remember, most people don’t search the web to buy stuff. Most of them want to find solutions to their problems. That’s one of the reasons long tails have become prominent, and most keywords nowadays are questions.

Focus On Researching Common Pain Points In Q&A Websites

Question-and-answer websites have become dominant in search engine results for the past few years. These websites’ content is user-generated, and they’re good at ranking in search engines with little to no effort, as they effectively satisfy the intent of most people’s search. If you want to generate the right content or cater to a specific keyword question, check Q&A websites.

Of course, be sure to only do your research on Q&A websites that do make sense.

Focus On Generating Highly Related Topics

You shouldn’t generate broad content. While most SEO advice will make you focus on checking data and using search engine services, you should remember that generating the right content plays the biggest role in SEO. After all, content is king—and this will never change.

Because of that, you should focus on building content that’s tightly knit to each other. If you start writing about fixing fences for your contracting business, you might want to write about installing gates instead of renovating kitchens. Having highly related content on your sites never fails as a good SEO tactic.

content is king

Focus On Building Solid Internal Linking In Your Website

As you build a website with closely knitted content, you shouldn’t forget about linking them internally. These links further solidify an algorithm’s ‘thoughts’ about the connections between your content. Not to mention that it also makes it easier for crawlers to find them. You may want to know more about this through this video:

YouTube video

Focus On Being Authentic

While black-hat SEO has been out of the picture for many years now—thanks to all the algorithm updates of search engines—there are still some dubious methods that have been developed to play the system.

One of them is to have content that’s a slipshod combination of small, highly related topics as if it’s written randomly or by an AI. And this has recently been an SEO trend. For example, if you search for ‘what is tactical SEO,’ you may find over a thousand words long pages. But if you look closely, you’ll find a bunch of different paragraphs seemingly written by different people.

While that kind of content still works, it can quickly put off readers and customers, as that kind of content doesn’t help them with anything. Because of that, avoid creating content like that. Be authentic. Be sure to generate content written by people who know what they’re saying.


Those are the things that you need to know about tactical SEO. If you’ve been doing SEO for the past few years and the last time you studied about it was three or more years ago, you’ll immediately notice a stark difference in how things are done now. Thankfully, the changes and the new stuff aren’t that complicated, so you can instantly adjust and forget about defunct and irrelevant SEO methods you’ve learned before.

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