A Beginners Guide to Starting & Growing a YouTube Channel

Everyone has their own motivations for deciding to create a YouTube Channel, and they are all equally valid. However, it is important that you know what they are, because how you run things will depend on if you are looking to make money, showcase your art, or share videos of your crazy cat’s antics. Getting Started with a YouTube Channel

Your first task then must always be to identify a niche and then create some goals for your channel. From this you can start to think about your target audience, and research target keywords which will be useful (or even essential) as you grow your channel.

Think of a suitable channel name

Obviously it needs to be original, but it should also reflect your channel’s focus, as well as being memorable.

Add images

Visuals are always important on social media platforms, so choose everything from thumbnails for videos to pictures on your profile with care.  One of the most important items for YouTube videos is thumbnail images.  You can use a Youtube banner maker to help you get great thumbnails.

Organize quality equipment

You need at least a good quality camera and microphone – though a smartphone may well do the job if it is high-end. A tripod is always useful, or you could find another way to avoid shaky camera work. Think about lighting and shadows too. (Always check the quality of your finished work though, as something which is hard to see or hear won’t be going viral anytime soon!). You will also need some video editing software, but can find free versions online if you don’t have Widows Movie Maker installed as standard.

Research the competition 

Checkout what other people are doing – both the stars of YouTube across the board, as well as those in your niche. Look at everything the most popular people do to get inspired. How often do they post? How long are their videos? How do they interact with followers? You can learn a lot from what the successful YouTubers are doing, so get inspired. You can also spot gaps in what has been posted, or extend what has already been covered.

Growing your channel 

Post videos consistently. It’s not a race or a competition but it is important to add new content regularly to your Youtube Channel. It’s better to set a realistic/achievable posting schedule that you can keep up with than post in a hit and miss way and appear flaky and uncommitted. A good way to help yourself stay on schedule is to publicly post the dates new material will be added.

Always think about SEO

Researching and learning about keywords, tags etc and how to use them in your content will help your channel secure a better chance of ranking on both Google and YouTube itself. SEO is important for a YouTube channel.

Create a strong network

Follow others, share ideas, promote other people’s work and comment as is appropriate. This helps to draw attention to your channel quite naturally, but also builds relationships, which is important for long term success in this field.

Final Words

Starting and growing a YouTube channel is a process which takes time, but so long as you commit to learning and keep things going there's every reason you’ll be successful. Remember that creating videos can generate attention, buzz, and even at times extra PR coverage if a TV station picks up your video content.

If you’re more experienced to the online world and don’t mind paying for it then buying subscribers to get your channel going can be really effective. If you want to do this then you can use this service.

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