How to Create a Youtube Channel That Will Make Money in 2020

How to Create Youtube Channel That Will Make Money in 2020

Youtube is the boom. Because more and more people are starting consuming video content instead of blog posts. Even when you search on Google, the results will show you YouTube videos. Especially if you are searching something related to the 'How-to' category.

But with all that competition, can you still become a successful YouTuber in 2020?

The answer is a Big Yes. I often find a new growing channel on my home feed. Don’t you?


In this article, I will provide you everything that you need to create a YouTube channel.

Choose Video Editor or Animation

There are only two types of videos. Videos of humans like me and you or a cartoon animation. Most of the time it's better if you show your face. Almost all big channels are run by people on screen. I know some explanation videos are usually more like to be created animation or doodle videos.

From my experience, animation and doodle videos are better in creating videos related to history or biography.

There are a lot of video editors available in the market. I will suggest going with filmora9. Here you can read filmora9 review by globalbestoffer. It’s

  1. Easy to use
  2. It has all the necessary features.

Create Video Related to Specific Niche

Don’t upload a video related to any random topic. All the channels you have subscribed to so far publish videos related to a specific niche. I have seen people create a YouTube channel related to just one app. Still gaining 100k subscribers.

I advise you to go with something you are interested in. Just look at your life. What can you do better than a normal human being? I can provide a list of 100 niches. The reason why I’m suggesting you do this, is because if you are not interested in it then you will be not be able to do it for long.

Moreover, it also helps with the YouTube algorithm to help your channel go viral.

Learn to Create Better Videos

Creating videos is totally opposite to viewing them. Creating a good video introduction from Intro Maker can make your videos more appealing and interesting for your viewers. It is difficult although it seems easy. From my experience half of the video experience is audio. Just use Facebook live every day for 30 days. It will definitely help you. There is no secret on how to overcome the camera.

You have to do it. Practice makes humans perfect. Your videos may suck initially but if you never give in, then soon you are going to produce amazing content. Don’t believe me, try it.

The Art of Keyword Research

You may produce amazing content but if no-one is searching for it, it’s useless. It is not going to provide views. There is a difference between great content and useful content.

Don’t produce great content. Create useful content.

So how can you find video ideas for your niche? That's where keyword research comes into play.

Keyword Research Youtube

I suggest using the tubebuddy extension for this. It can provide how many people are searching for the word, and the competition. In the beginning don’t go with competitive terms. First, go with low competition search volume keywords. As soon as you start getting subscribers and start creating better videos then go to medium competition and so on.

Be Consistent

An real business takes at least 6 months to become stable. Some take more. If you are not treating your YouTube channel like a real business then you are wasting your time. So don’t just do the on and off thing with YouTube. You have to be consistent. I’m not saying upload videos every day. If you are creating amazing pieces of content 1 video per week is enough.

Tiktok Can Help You

Without a doubt, TikTok has a lot less competition. But first, you have to check if your audience uses TikTok. It is mainly used for entertainment, at least nowadays.

TikTok helps with YouTube

Some tech and motivational speakers also gain a good number of subscribers on TikTok. Tiktok allows you to post your YouTube channel URL in the profile section.

It can drive you a number of subscribers in the long run.

Hide your Subscribers

Initially when no one is watching your videos and you don’t have a good number of subscribers. I suggest you hide your subscribers.

Nobody likes to subscribe to a channel with few subscribers.  On the other hand, I have seen people subscribing without watching a video. Just because of the number of subscribers.

Keep Your Thumbnail Simple

Everyone says to create a catchy thumbnail. There is nothing wrong with that. But a lot of people complicate it, keep it simple. Almost all famous channels keep thumbnails as simple as possible.

The real point that I’m making is to make it appealing but don’t write 100 words over it.

Generally, there is an expression with a simple headline. Sometimes a question.

On the internet, you can find millions of articles related to YouTube and setting up a Youtube brand account versus personal account. Some of them are not even YouTubers. Don’t just consume the action. There are other important things you will learn as you start to create a YouTube channel.

So take action.

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