YouTube Tools to Improve Your Video SEO-315

YouTube Tools to Improve Your Video SEO

If you spend money and resources to create video content, then you want people to find it. Just like improving your web copy for Google SEO, you should be optimizing your videos for YouTube’s SEO. Here are a few tools to help your videos rank higher on a video search engine like YouTube. 1. YouTube […]

15 Facebook Tools you Need to Know about for your Business

Do you use Facebook for marketing? Here are 5 Facebook marketing mistakes you may be making that decrease your reach and reduce your success.

How Do I Manage Job Posts for my Facebook Page-315-1

How Do I Manage Job Posts for my Facebook Page?

Do you use Facebook to promote jobs you’re hiring for? Facebook just made this easier for you! Learn how to manage job posts for your Facebook page.


5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Do you use Facebook for marketing? Here are 5 Facebook marketing mistakes you may be making that decrease your reach and reduce your success.


How can A.I. Help Your Business?

How can A.I. help your business? What do Siri, Cortana and Watson all have in common? For one, they all work as personal assistants. For the other, none of them are real people: they’re all artificial intelligences, A.I. The Rise of A.I. There is a growing trend in businesses using smarter and faster programs to […]

Facebook Groups for Pages-315

Facebook Groups for Pages

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. Part of the platform’s power is the ability to connect with your followers through Pages and Groups. Facebook now allows you to combine the functionality of both by creating Groups, especially for and connected to your Pages. Have Deeper Interactions and Connections With Followers Having a group allows you […]

Facebook Updates for September 7

Recent Social Media and Facebook Updates for September 7th

There are some exciting changes from the past several weeks. I’ve collected the ones I think will impact your business the most. Facebook Facebook Blocks Ads that Repeatedly Share False News Facebook is on a mission to reduce hoaxes and false news. Now if Pages repeatedly share news that has been categorized as false by […]

What is Relaythat.com_ How You Can Use It-315

What is How You Can Use It

Sometimes hiring a designer to create the graphics you’ll use is a bit out of your price range. However, not hiring a professional designer can scrambling to deal with the design aspects of your marketing. If you can’t afford a designer then you have to do it yourself. Why Are Graphics Important Look at Facebook. […]

What is Streak for Gmail-315

What is Streak for Gmail?

Marketing may sometimes feel like a field that relies on instinct and an unidentifiable charisma that the most successful marketers have. But the truth is, data and research are just as important in marketing as they are in discovering if the universe is made of wiggles or what cooking temperature makes the best souffle. You […]

Digital Sales Funnel Basics: Discovering a Simple Overview and Plan

What is a Sales Funnel, and how do I use one online to accomplish growing leads from my website? If you are asking questions about online sales funnels, this is a great post to dig into!  I’ll cover the Digital Sales Funnel basics in simple terms to help you identify a plan and strategy to […]