2017 Digital marketing planning checklist

2017 Digital Marketing Planning Checklist

Is your 2017 Digital Marketing Planning underway? 2017 is around the corner and very soon it will be time to plan budgets and strategy for the new year.  Knowing this, I’ve created a handy ebook guide that helps you evaluate your 2016 marketing, discusses keys for 2017, and outlines all the details in a checklist you […]

7 Secrets for Businesses Starting to Use Social Media

7 Secrets for Businesses Starting to Use Social Media

The social media presence seems to be a prerequisite step in the evolution of a powerful brand. Every major business is investing large amounts of resources in these channels while there are still many skeptics that question the effect of this online marketing. However, the numbers are speaking volumes of the fact that social media […]


Instagram Business Profiles: Updated Tools

If you’ve been using Instagram to market your business or were thinking about it, there’s news that’s good for businesses!  With the large number of businesses using the platform, the Instagram team has now released business profiles on Instagram. Making the most informed business decisions based on your Instagram activity is no longer a guessing […]

Integrate Your Online Marketing - 315

Integrate Your Online Marketing

Social media is the buzzword tossed about by consumers and business professionals. It seems like every time someone tells you the best way to promote your business the first thing out of their mouth concerns social media as the leading new method. One reason for this is because of the low barriers to entry. Social […]

What is all the fuss about Adobe Spark_ - 315

What is All the Fuss About Adobe Spark?

You thrive on creating excellent content for your customers. And you know that video and imagery are key online.  However, your video and graphics have been a little weak. So what can you do? Adobe Spark is the newest thing that fits the bill – it’s just been released by the makers of Photoshop. It […]


Conversion Keys in the Social Media Marketing Funnel

Conversion keys help you sell.  When you’ve done all the steps in the funnel, it’s time to ask for the purchase. There are a number of keys to help you in that process of the sales conversion offer and I cover those today in this podcast! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I […]

How to Write for the Web for Readability - 315

How to Write for the Web for Readability

There’s no denying that the phrase “content is king” is as true today as it was back in the early days of the internet. The best content wins online. However, when it comes to today’s content, both from the perspective of web users and search engines, it’s important for businesses to know that quality is […]

Twitter Changes that Affect Your Business - 315

Twitter Changes that Affect Your Business

Recently Twitter announced they would be changing their 140-character messaging format to make business marketing easier. Many business owners might be missing the benefits Twitter offers those promoting a business or product. Changes to Twitter will make it easier to use the platform. It will help businesses engage in real time conversations and lower customer […]

What is Editorr.com and How Do You Use It_ - 315

What is Editorr.com and How Do You Use It?

The quality and style of your written material can say more about you than the message you intend to deliver. Poorly worded blogs, rambling business letters, and confusing emails only serve to damage your image. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have struggled with written communications, but there is a solution. Editorr.com is […]

keys for email nurture campaigns

Keys for Email Nurture in your Digital Marketing Funnel

Is your Email Nurture campaign performing? Do you have a refined strategy for email nurture after a lead opt-in on your website? How can you improve your email drip marketing to convert more interested leads to sales? In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the details on email nurture tactics as they flow […]