Creative Ways to use LinkedIn to Drive Leads

As the professional social media network, LinkedIn is designed for business. It makes sense that it can help you drive high-quality business leads, maybe more than other social media networks can deliver. We explore creative ways to use LinkedIn to drive leads. To maximize LinkedIn, you need to address these 3 key components: presence, activity, […]


Review of

Writing blog posts can be fun. But reading the reactions from your readers when a post gets them excited is the best. But the challenge lies in scheduling and sharing on social media. How will you remind people to check out your cool post after a couple of days, weeks or months? Some programs like […]

social media updates you need to know

Social Media Updates You Need to Know

Any change in features or design on social media sites can have a big impact on business. But it can be difficult to keep track of all the changes so for your convenience, here are the biggest updates in the last month: Facebook Live streaming is the trend, and Facebook is at the helm! The […]


Social Media for Lead Generation

Social Media works!  Are you using social media lead generation well for your business? It’s more than just posting funny photos or repeatedly pushing your products! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into moving from simply social media to social media lead generation for businesses.  There’s a strategic difference! Discover the concept […]

Key Insights for your Facebook Marketing: Facebook Page Insights

Key Insights for your Facebook Marketing: Facebook Page Insights

Facebook may attract criticism for everything from constantly changing rules for marketers to questionable privacy settings to possible political biases in its news headlines. But even with the occasional grumbling, massive amounts of people are still there regularly each day! Its worldwide user’s number over 3 billion, making it the world’s most dominant social network. […]

Cloud Based Tools For Social Media And Content Marketing

Cloud Based Tools For Social Media And Content Marketing

Thanks to the innovative techniques and revolutionary marketing strategies, entrepreneurs have better access to global markets. Social media is no longer limited to building contacts and finding entertainment. It also offers pretty lucrative opportunities to business people who want to expand their customer reach. The growth of blogs and websites further prove this fact. And […]

social media for manufacturers

Social Media for Manufacturers

Where once we relied on television, news and print media for news, entertainment, and product information, now we turn to laptops, tablets, and smartphones when we want to be in the know. It’s information on demand, and it’s changing the way people shop, and how smart companies market.  Your business can be part of this. […]

Tips to Defend Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Tips to Defend Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Many small to medium sized business owners rely on internal staff to maintain their WordPress website, even if it’s not their area of expertise. Often WordPress websites are used due to cost considerations as the entry point for website development can be less with this system.  One key consideration, however, when using a large scale […]

Creating a Multi-functional Homebuilding Website - 315(1)

Creating a Multi-functional Homebuilding Website

.How about if you can “build” your home before it’s actually built? With Commodore Homes’ new interactive website, you can “build your own home” before you really build your home. Design your kitchen?  Yes, you can do that too!  Create a password-protected account and you’ll be able to save your selections for future reference. The […]

2017 Digital marketing planning checklist

2017 Digital Marketing Planning Checklist

Is your 2017 Digital Marketing Planning underway? 2017 is around the corner and very soon it will be time to plan budgets and strategy for the new year.  Knowing this, I’ve created a handy ebook guide that helps you evaluate your 2016 marketing, discusses keys for 2017, and outlines all the details in a checklist you […]