8 Top Profitable Small Business Ideas in the United States

8 Top Profitable Small Business Ideas in the United States

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur seeking creative startup ideas in the US? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The business landscape continuously changes due to new trends and technologies that appear on the market. So, an industry that wasn’t so popular yesterday may grow with the speed of light today. Knowing where there’s room left for expansion is essential. This allows you to penetrate the market with no hefty investments and little to no technical expertise.

The following profitable small business ideas can be adapted for a work-from-home environment, and others are perfect for those who like being on the move. Let’s start exploring and see which businesses have great earning potential – who knows; you may discover your true calling by the end!

Start a Dropshipping Business

With the growth of e-commerce, the dropshipping business is expected to grow even more in the following years, as most products will be sold through online stores.

This business idea is fantastic if you’re looking to venture out with little capital. At the same time, you wouldn’t have to store any products on your own and handle them. You’ll only act as a connecting bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer.

This business is scalable and relatively easy to lead. Still, you must test the products before promoting and selling them to ensure their quality.

Open an Online Vape Shop

According to recent studies, vapes are a superior alternative to cigarettes due to the decreased nicotine levels (and some are sold with no nicotine at all!). As such, cigarette smokers are turning to cannabis and vape products daily. Thus, making this a perfect opportunity to open an online vape store.

The best thing is that you can sell thousands of different products from various manufacturers, such as CBD e-liquid online. Simply connect with a dropshipper to ship your products directly to customers.

Before starting the business, do market research. Decide whether you will solely sell products online or also offer a physical location. It goes without saying you should only sell quality products in high demand.

Become an Online Tutor and Creator of Digital Products

Think being an online tutor and selling digital products aren’t connected? Well, think again, as one of the easiest ways to make money online today is by teaching courses and selling textbooks written by no other than you!

Besides being an excellent opportunity to benefit from your talent and creativity, becoming an internet tutor doesn’t require a hefty investment. All you need is a redeemable skill you can market to the public that people would be interested in learning.

You can teach different subjects like copywriting, gardening, music lessons, and languages and even start giving English lessons to foreigners overseas. You can do this via online courses, music, podcasts, or a blog.

Create Print–on–Demand Business

Print-on-demand is a perfect profitable small business venture for someone that doesn’t have too much capital to invest at the beginning. Using witty slogans or inspiring messages, you can start customizing products like t-shirts, phone cases, bags, jackets, or skirts with printed designs.

If you are not a designer, you can always collaborate with some designers on freelance sites like Upwork or

One of the best things about this business is that you do not pay any cost for the product until you actually sell it. The only expenses you’ll have will go toward shipping. However, you can always include a shipping fee for this very reason.

Of course, there is always a percentage of risk. However, given how undemanding this type of business is compared to others, it’s unlikely you won’t make some revenue.

Own a Food Truck

If you’re a social butterfly and enjoy the outdoors – consider purchasing a food truck. Although it sounds like a strange idea, this type of business is fast-growing. It is also more profitable and sustainable than owning a restaurant. The mobility is an additional benefit!

Of course, you should factor in the price of a food truck. Determine whether it would be a worthwhile investment. If yes – you can serve popular street foods and connect with people from different backgrounds without covering expenses for employees and rent!

Run a Marketing Campaign

Running a marketing campaign is a super quick way to make some passive income. It is perfect for anyone that wants to work from home. Or, that cannot work at the office for whatever reason.

To start, begin displaying other brands’ ads on your website and get a commission for any click or purchase. You can even use referral software that can automate your business. Then you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax!

Become an Online Consultant

If you enjoy working from home and have extensive knowledge in a specific field, you can start consulting clients (primarily companies) on how to face their business challenges. You can offer business and management training courses about managing finances, social media marketing tactics, and optimizing internal resources.

Working as an online consultant is ideal for you if you want to work independently. It also allows you to create your own working schedule regarding business hours.

Become a Real Estate Agent

Many people tend to leave big cities and settle in suburban areas in search of more freedom and peace. And with the latest digital developments, it’s possible to be an online real estate agent. This means you’ll have to do virtual tours and guide homebuyers through the purchasing process.

To become a Cincinnati OH real estate agent, you can attend online classes; no specific degree is required. It’s likely that you can become a licensed real estate agent in a few months.

It goes without saying you must be a people person and have strong social skills to thrive in the business.

Final Say

Above are eight small business ideas that are profitable and easy to start. Before you begin, consider your skills, interests, and background. This allows you to assess the best choice according to your knowledge and personality.

We hope this inspires you to start your own profitable small business by combining your unique skills and market opportunities in the US!

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