Private Online Tutors Can Help Spanish-Speaking Students Achieve Fluency

Private Online Tutors Can Help Spanish-Speaking Students Achieve Fluency

English can pose a challenge for native Spanish speakers because of its internal inconsistency. Like anyone beginning to learn a new language, Spanish-speaking students may attempt to overlay their language’s logic onto English. This is understandable, but generally isn’t doing beginning learners any favors.

There are plenty of reasons to learn English; many Spanish-speaking countries have large concentrations of English-speakers, or are near predominantly English-speaking areas. English has been called “the language of commerce,” as well as the language of the internet, tourism, and diplomacy.

Because it is a language with a global reach, the perks of English fluency are many. Luckily for prospective students, private online tutors can make English language acquisition fun, fast, and effective.

Why Learn English?

English fluency can help Spanish-speakers procure jobs at international organizations, both locally and abroad. There are also many opportunities in higher education that are only available to English speakers.

English is also useful for bridging gaps between disparate languages. Two bilingual people may have different native tongues, but they can still use English as a way of communicating.

Picking up a new language on the fly has never been easier with the advent of online learning technology. Online tutor-hosting websites like Eurekly have made private education affordable, convenient, and accessible for all.

What Are Some English-Learning Difficulties That Spanish Speakers Face?

While everyone will be uniquely challenged by the prospect of learning a new language, there are a few roadblocks that many Spanish-speakers consistently find themselves up against. For example, the “s” in many third-person singular verbs may be unintuitive to pronounce, because many Spanish-speakers are unaccustomed to consonant clusters in particular formations, such as the “ks” in “he talks” or “she walks.” Other sounds that are uncommon or absent in Spanish languages are “th” as in “thin,” “v” as in “vet,” and the “a” sound found in “cat.”

Pronunciation in general can be challenging for Spanish-speakers, in no small part because the pronunciation rules of English are incredibly inconsistent. For example, the “gh” in “trough” is pronounced like “f”. But the “gh” in “though” or “bough” isn’t pronounced at all.

Vowel pronunciation in Spanish is quite consistent: “e” is almost always pronounced like the “e” in “let,” “a” is almost always pronounced like the “a” in “arm.” Sometimes, Spanish-speakers will overlay their own pronunciation rules onto English words, resulting in “fat” pronounced like “fot.”

How Can I Learn English Quickly and Effectively?

Acquiring a native English-speaking tutor is one of the best ways to master the English language quickly and thoroughly. Native English speakers have benefited from cultural immersion, and are often able to translate this immersion into nuanced feedback. They are also likely to be experienced with slang, turns of speech, and cultural contexts, in ways that non-native-English-speaking tutors aren’t.

That said, tutors who acquired English as a foreign language—native-Spanish speakers who picked up English later in life, for example—may have a deeper understanding of common difficulties facing Spanish-speaking students.

There are helpful websites geared at solitary language students, and language learning apps are also an option for self-motivated learners. However, these online resources lack the human touch and feedback that makes other modes of learning so effective. They are best used as an adjunct learning tool. Meanwhile, classroom environments can be distracting, and the pace too fast or too slow. Students may find themselves competing for the teacher’s limited time and attention.

Online learning is the best of both worlds, offering the chance for face-to-face feedback with the convenience and flexibility of online learning. With remote tutoring, students no longer have to worry about time constraints like commuting or lack of local, in-person tutors.

Where Can I Find The Right English Teacher For Me? functions as an excellent showcase of rigorously vetted, professional tutors. With prices as low as $10 per session, private online tutoring has never been more affordable or readily available. English tutors are available with prices as low as $10 per session, and it’s easy to filter tutors by subject, location, background, cost, and availability! With hundreds of tutors to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find a good fit for you.

English is a challenging language to learn, and it’s best not to go it alone. With consistency, dedication, practice, and Eurekly’s talented tutors by your side, fluency can happen in as little as a year. Don’t put off your language-learning goals for even one more day—browse Eurekly today, and get started down the road to English mastery.

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