7 Tips for Greater Instagram Engagement

Tips for Greater Instagram Engagement

Ever wondered how to foster better Instagram engagement? This guide is here to teach you how to do just that. 


If you’re running a personal brand or a business, you should switch to an Instagram Business Account. This should give you more control over your Instagram account, along with countless Instagram analytics that you can use to tweak your strategy.

There are more significant advantages that come with a business account. For starters, a business account will give you the ability to add a contact button to enable easier communicating with other users. Secondly, you will be able to run ads. Ads translate into more visits and more conversions. And while it’s not guaranteed, you also get to beta test new features.

While switching to a business account, ensure that you are findable, with all of your details being as accurate as possible. The following are some of the key aspects to include in your Instagram bio and profile:

  • Contact info, including address – this is important for geotagging
  • Detailed explanation of what you do – your value proposition
  • Ways to reach you outside Instagram – can be your website, blog etc.
  • Provide a compelling reason to keep in touch


You probably know that hashtags are important, but chances are that you likely aren't using them effectively. Keep in mind that the Instagram engagement algorithm is driven by data, and your follower growth could be driven using the same strategy.

You might have heard that using 9 to 11 hashtags is ideal, or that using too many of them can feel spammy. The key is to choose a number of relevant hashtags related to the content you’re sharing. Keep in mind that if you aren't using the maximum number of hashtags linking the content to your ideal audience, you’re missing out on engagement growth.

The rule of thumb is to keep the hashtags to around 30. Having more than that won't show up in search. On Instagram, hashtags are usually used as identifiers for the algorithm. They ideally provide context in your posts and help the algorithm to understand the users they can show your content to.

So, you need to take your time to understand the type of Instagram post you want to share and who the ideal audience is. Consider also the kind of hashtags that link you to your audience’s interests and try shaping your content in a way that matches it. Branded hashtags might also work if your company has enough recognition or authority in your niche.

It might seem like a lot of work, however, spending an hour on hashtag strategy could help you target your audience more directly. When it comes to hashtags, remember the following:

  • Use all of the 30 hashtags – the more you use the more your engagement grows
  • Add them to the post, not in the first comment
  • If you’d prefer not having them displayed, consider hiding them with the five dots located at the bottom
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and followers – take some time to research them first
  • Leverage the power of long-tail and less popular hashtags
  • Follow hashtags to stay on top of what is valuable and relevant for the audience

Keep in mind that if you only aim for the popular hashtags, you risk getting lost in the millions of other posts. You are less likely to make it to the Top Posts unless you’re a huge brand.

Aside from increasing your reach and visibility, hashtags may also help you generate more likes. Likes are ideally a vote, which shows that the content resonated with the user in one way or another.


If your business operates in a specific area, ensure that you’re taking advantage of the Geotagging feature on Instagram. Many companies usually operate within a given region, and if you want to be found by new followers in that area, you want to use geotags.

Geotagging essentially shows each user your category of business, your business address, website, hours of operation, and phone number. Pictures and videos of the business that other users tag in their posts are also readily available to see. Providing the most information to users should increase the chances that they will want to visit you. This should form part of any intelligent Instagram engagement growth strategy and will help to expand your audience.

To do this, you can simply go to Add Location as you create a post. The post will then become searchable for that location. This is true for both Instagram Posts and Stories, which explains why Geotagging can be very valuable.

Study your Competition

instagram engagement

Is there a rival company that seems to be doing so well on Instagram? This is a good thing. Don’t be jealous of them, instead, use this to your advantage.

Start by looking at what they are doing well and how you can adopt the strategies they are using. You don’t have to copy them directly, but you could align your approach to Instagram content with theirs, along with how they engage with their audience. However, when starting out, it can pay to learn as much as possible from the best practices your competition is using.

Another strategy to add to your arsenal is looking at which accounts your competition is liking, following, and commenting on. Influencer marketing is all about adapting to the current trends, and utilizing tools like Instagram Live, Instagram Reels, and IGTV. All these tools should be part of a well-balanced growth strategy for Instagram.

Although you shouldn’t spam these accounts (please don’t), you could like and comment on their posts to show them you’re there. Be courteous and polite – you might even gain a new customer while at it.

Use Influencer Features or Sponsored Posts

Lots of businesses avoid paying for social media attention, especially when they don’t seem to be getting any immediate results or sales. However, sponsored posts help to increase Instagram engagement and awareness from a real audience. In many cases, people don’t visit a link the first time they see an Instagram Ad, though they will visit the profile. They go there to check if it’s a legitimate business.

When they visit your profile, they will be more likely to see more of your ads when you run a campaign the next time. Over time, this will build your brand recognition and lead to more sales. Promoted posts are becoming the norm on Instagram, and they are gaining a lot of engagement.

Users will like an Instagram sponsored post the same way they would like a post in their Instagram feed. As such, the opportunity for exposure is quite significant in the current climate. The same applies for paying for an Instagram Influencer.

When you tap into the audience of somebody else on Instagram, you get the chance to align with their branding and boost their trust. Influencers on Instagram are often overlooked as an effective way of building an audience, as they will give you the exposure that might be otherwise difficult to get.

Comment, Like, and Respond

To boost your brand engagement, this is the simplest way to engage. While it may be overly obvious, it is amazing just how few businesses do it. A brand represents a group personality; it’s ideally the amalgamation of personalities in your company.

Don’t be afraid of acting human when responding with your brand account. Users tend to gravitate towards brands that have a genuinely real side to them. They don’t want a brand that’s just looking to make a buck.

Take your time to follow back your followers, like people’s posts, and comment. When you receive a comment on your posts, be quick to respond as a human would. Use real language and add emojis where appropriate. Be grateful for interactions you receive and try to be generous. This is a simple formula that works wonders. When you are starting out it can be beneficial to buy instagram likes to kickstart your account.

Instagram Stories

Also known as Insta Stories, these have become a huge part of how the Instagram platform has evolved. What was originally developed to compete with Snapchat stories has taken over the marketplace. In 2021, more than 400 million Insta Stories are posted each day, with more than 2 million brands using them.

The main benefit of using Instagram Stories is clear – they are located on top of the main screen and they are designed to immediately pique the immediate interest of users. They also take a few seconds to watch.

Besides posts, Instagram Stories offer an opportunity to create engagement and interest rather quickly. Since they are ephemeral (disappears in 24 hours), they carry an urgency that helps them drive engagement. Users just can't help but look.

They are also a great way to showcase how your brand is behind the scenes. You could share genuine, funny moments from your company during the day to help build personality. Try investing in a few simple Insta Stories every day and you could see a huge impact on the level of engagement you generate from your audience.

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