7 Ways Produce Traceability Software Can Benefit Your Business

Produce Traceability Software Can Benefit Your Business

Today, we are witnessing a significant increase in diverse produce more than ever. Hence, entities have been forced to bow to consumer demands via a complex product development cycle.

One hurdle, however, remains the management of produce development cycles, from the point of purchase to the final stage of selling. Another, problematic aspect in the cycle in small and large enterprises is traceability. Silo is a popular software option that automates produce businesses and offers tools for produce traceability.

In this guide, we will discuss the importance of traceability and ways that produce businesses can improve their process.

What is produce traceability?

Produce traceability is the ability to track and identify a production unit through specific production, processing, and shipping stages. Thus, traceability helps businesses connect with consumers and suppliers. It also helps to keep consumers safe. Additionally, the seamless documentation enables produce businesses to conduct product recalls and address any events where the consumer’s safety has been compromised.

Traceability can be a convoluted process when done manually. The paper trail required throughout the process can be overwhelming, not to mention the potential for errors without produce traceability software.

Why is produce traceability software important?

1. Increased efficiency

Produce traceability software is a must-have for businesses that want to boost their efficiency. One way that produce traceability increases efficiency is by allowing businesses to identify and resolve produce safety and quality issues promptly.

The data collected by produce traceability software also enables businesses to streamline their processes and adopt cost-saving measures.

2. Inventory control

A lack of inventory control is among the main reasons why some produce businesses suffer. Produce traceability software helps prevent such occurrences via inventory control. Businesses can track inventory and identify any discrepancies in the supply chain. Inventory control also enables produce businesses to track their produce and schedule quick restocks before produce runs out.

3. Increased visibility

Businesses may be in control of what happens with regards to  internal operations, but not what happens outside the facilities.

Produce traceability software enables these businesses to trace items that are being shipped to them and when they are being shipped to the final consumer.

4. Lot tracking

If you have ever attempted to track your lots manually, you know what a headache that process can be. But when businesses automate lot traceability with produce management software, they can manage everything in real-time. Companies can enter lot numbers and barcodes, a process that eliminates chances of error.

5. Regulatory compliance

Most countries have the stipulated minimum produce tracing requirements. While the produce standards vary, efficient produce traceability software is a key to accessing even the most demanding international markets.

6. Vendor selection

Without traceability software, you can never know which produce yields the best results. However, tracking produce from the point of delivery to the final destinations how the best performing businesses measure specific details in the supply chain.

Companies can also assess which vendor’s produce yields the best results. This information is pivotal in making special produce orders, fine-tuning supplies, and negotiating better terms with the vendors.

7. Root cause analysis

Produce traceability is also used in root cause analysis. Plus, the fact that you can perform an in-depth analysis of your process means identifying the root issues before they become problematic.

For instance, if a batch of produce has some defects that reflect in the final produce, you can identify the said produce without guesswork. This is such a time and cost saver. Thus, it is also pivotal in helping businesses avert losses. The analytics gained is key in budgeting, planning, and forecasting financial health.

How can businesses improve produce traceability?

Supply chain visibility

For produce traceability to be effective, it must be in sync with the supply chain. Without the supply chain insights, you may not get to the root cause of poor-quality produce.

Entities need to trace batches both backward to the suppliers and forward to the retailers. The software that can quickly identify produce history means that even in the event of a recall, you will get to the root cause.

Record keeping

Record-keeping is one of the factors that can affect any business. An automated system ensures easy retrieval of data upon demand. Produce traceability allows entities to keep records of production dates, expiration dates, produce order numbers, and production timestamps. This ultimately decreases the cost of a recall where necessary.

Have the right produce traceability software

Having the right produce traceability software in sync with suppliers, the production process, and the retailers is a cost and time-saving option. As such, be keen on the software features and go for a system that works for your business.

Mock recalls

Until you get a product recall, you may never know the efficiency of the manufacturing process. A mock recall enables entities to identify weak areas and help them to prepare for such a situation. Periodic recalls help entities identify how long it would take to identify and recoup the recalled products. Identify areas that need improvement by reviewing the data from the mock recalls.

To recap

Produce traceability software is pivotal for produce management. From increased efficiency, reduced business risk, ease of document retrieval, brand reputation, and accessible product recall, produce businesses can benefit from investing in stable and reliable produce traceability software.

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