6 Ways to Support Your Employees' Career Development

Support Your Employees' Career Development

Just like personal growth, professional and career development are significant milestones in one's life. It portrays all the hard work and efforts put in by the person to achieve their position. It is a big step in one's life, and a little appreciation goes a long way. Hence, employers must be supportive of their employees' career advancements. Not only because their workers expect it but also because it aids productivity and boosts morale.

Employee retention is one of the most significant threats to companies these days. Employees have developed more assertive negotiating and bargaining powers over the years. It means it takes more than just good pay to keep employees satisfied now. Employers need to be encouraging and appreciative of their employees' career development as well.

Remember, we reside in a highly competitive world. If you do not give proper recognition to employees with true potential, your competitors might steam them. It is best to remain supportive of your employees' decisions, especially when going through the career development phase. Here are six tips that can help you in being supportive of your employees' professional advancements.

Give your employees a taste of everything

Often, many people cannot decide their professional field for several years because of lack of exposure. If you allow your employees to rotate roles and work in related but different departments, it might help them gain new skills. It will also make them more appreciative of their colleagues and encourage cross-departmental collaboration.

A role rotation is a highly effective activity for employees considering career changes. Furthermore, you can even urge employees to benefit from MBA career change as it provides exposure to various business functions. It will make changing job roles more manageable and convenient. A job rotation program can be significantly beneficial for them. It will give them insight into the operations of other departments and help them decide whether they want to switch their roles entirely or not.

You should also encourage your employees to explore new and develop existing skills. For example, you could organize their participation in in-person or online courses to help them achieve a new qualification through a local university, or you could encourage them to tune in to various online tech events that can help them master skills like cloud computing, Python, and DevOps. You can check for event schedule for tech events online and, from there, decide which may have the best potential for your staff, or even yourself.

Show personal interest in your employees

As mentioned above, recognition for employees' work is a highly effective tool for employee retention. But, while recognition is vital, it alone cannot do much. It would help if you took a personal interest in their career ambitions.

The best way to show interest in your employees' work is by encouraging effective communication in the workplace. Make your employees feel comfortable and unhesitant by communicating with them frequently, frankly, yet professionally. Studies show that 97% of workers believe that communication affects their productivity significantly. Try to communicate with them on a one-to-one basis so that you are better able to understand their career goals and plans. Offer your employees whatever counseling you can from your experience. When possible, try to envisage their future position at your company. It will make them feel valued and more engaged.

Make use of learning management system (LMS)

A learning management system makes stocking, delivering, tracking, and reporting educational resources easier and hassle-free. It is an incredible tool to measure employee growth and create training and developmental programs.

LMS is a cost-friendly tool that promotes e-learning within your budget. An LMS software upholds quality assurance and reduces the need for employers to give one-on-one manual training to employees redundantly. LMS can lead to higher employee satisfaction rates and also increase productivity. It can improve organizational performance by tracking knowledge gain, ROI, goal progress, and much more. An LMS software provides unlimited access to e-learning material, decreases learning time, and keeps companies up to date with current trends.

Support your employees' work-life balance

Career advancements do not mean having zero work-life balance. Instead, having a work-life balance is essential to ensure a healthy mind to prepare for future growth. Encourage your employees to spend an equal amount of time at home and work. Endlessly spending long days at work will not do much good for them. Advise them to work and think smarter. If possible, draw out a timetable for them, so they don't over-exhaust themselves with work.

Over exhaustion often leads to stress and employee burnout. Hence, encouraging employees to keep a balance between their work and social life is crucial. Try to implement flexible policies so your workers can fulfill their demands and attend to work requirements.

Look for succession opportunities

A business needs to find creative developmental programs to reduce employee turnover and mitigate burnout and low productivity. Succession and developmental programs show employees that you take a personal interest in their career advancements and are also eager to see them as future leaders. It is a highly motivational message and can encourage employees to learn new skills and improve their performance.

Give rewards

There is nothing more motivating than being rewarded for your achievements. Rewards reflect recognition, boost employees' self-esteem and make them realize their worth. It encourages them to continue to give their best and increases productivity. It initiates a change in morale, and the overall organizational performance also increases.

Rewards show appreciation towards employees, creates a positive atmosphere and boosts employee retention. Furthermore, an incentive motivates employees to work harder to achieve their goals.


Nearly everyone goes through a career development phase in their lives. As employers, it is your ethical responsibility to be as helpful to your employees as possible during this crucial time. Your insight, advice, and counseling can yield tremendous benefits not only for your company but also for your employees' personal growth.

Moreover, attracting the best talents has become essential now. The faster you can retain and secure potentially valuable employees, the better for your organization's future.

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