6 Tips To Help You Increase Employee Recruitment Reach

Your recruitment team is working hard to find the right employees for your company, but it's not getting the reach that you want. What can be done? Here are six tips to help you increase your employee recruitment reach!

Try A Text-to-Apply System 

Many people have an easier time writing responses and communicating that way than face to face or through phone calls. A text-to-apply system allows this barrier to be beaten with ease. You can learn more with TeamSense, as they offer one of the most popular systems available out there. This system works by having an applicant send a text message with their name and the job position they are applying for to a designated number. This is perfect because it not only allows the potential employee to take their time in composing a well-thought-out response but also gives you the ability to review all candidates through one central system without countless phone calls that can be screened.

6 Tips To Help You Increase Employee Recruitment Reach

This type of system is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience for both the recruiter and the candidate. In fact, according to recent studies, using SMS as an application method has increased by 350% in just three years! That's why it's important that you begin using this technology if you haven't already so your business doesn't get left behind.

Post Ads On Social Media

Using your social media profiles to notify people you're hiring is one of the most effective ways to increase your recruitment reach. 

First, you need to create a posting on LinkedIn and Twitter as well as any other social media site where those who are qualified might be active. Make sure they know what type of position is open so they can self-select if it's the right fit for them. When doing recruitment on LinkedIn, make sure that your ad copy contains keywords and phrases that people would search when looking for jobs, then use those same words within the post itself! This will help you gain more views from job seekers who were already conducting their own searches related optimally with relevant terms.

When posting ads on social media include images or videos along with text whenever possible in order to stand out among competitors' posts or articles being shared. This will ensure that your posting gets noticed and clicked!

Create An Employee Profile Page

An employee profile page is a great way to connect with potential employees. It also allows you to fully showcase the culture of your company. The first step is creating an employee profile that clearly states who you are as a business. Add why candidates should want to work for you. And, what makes it unique from other companies. Include photos or videos if they will help attract new hires by showcasing your brand's personality!

Here's what this profile page needs to include:

  • Your company's story
  • The role you're hiring for and what the responsibilities are
  • What makes your company culture great
  • The benefits of working for your company
  • How to apply

Offer Flexible Work Hours

Nowadays, many people are drawn towards working for themselves. And as a business owner, you want to do whatever possible to attract the best talent out there. So offering flexible work hours is a great way to increase employee recruitment reach. 

When potential employees know they have the option to work from home or come in late if needed, they are more likely to consider your company as an option. This is especially true for parents who may need more flexibility with their hours due to raising children. 

Flexible work hours can also help to reduce turnover rates since employees will be happier with their job and less likely to leave. When it comes time for promotions or raises, offering flexible work hours can give employees an edge over other candidates.

Allow Remote Working

Working from home has become a popular option for many workers. During the pandemic, many employers are allowing more employees to work from home. This is good news when you are looking for new recruits because allowing remote working means that your recruitment reach can increase significantly.

There are several reasons why companies allow their staff to work remotely. They include; increasing productivity, improving retention, reducing costs, and increasing morale.

Host A Career Fair

A career fair is a perfect place to showcase your company as a place to work. It can also help you spread the word about your open positions. Make sure that there is something for every candidate who attends!

Career fairs are great because they give job seekers access to an overwhelming amount of information from employers in one spot. They're perfect if you want candidates to be able to quickly see what each role has to offer them. It can be much better than hosting a smaller event where only specific roles will have table displays.

Hire new employees

Finding good employees is a goal every company wants to achieve. That's why you need to allow other communication methods like text-to-reply. It's also important to put ads on the internet and create an employee profile on your website. Offer potential workers flexible work hours and a chance to work remotely. Finally, hosting a career fair is a perfect event to tell people all about your company. Good luck with employee recruitment and finding the right people to take your firm to the next level.

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